Mothers Day Weekend

Yes, I know it’s supposed to be Mothering Sunday, but I had a whole weekend. And yes, I am a tad spoiled! Michael was home early on Friday to take Hazel to ballet and get the festivities going. He and Kieran went and did some grocery shopping while Hazel was at ballet. They got treats—iced buns and Danishes. Kieran was so thrilled with the packages he couldn’t get them out of the bags quick enough when he got home. So we had treats first and then Michael cooked dinner for us.

The three of them obviously had a chat about a shopping trip on Saturday as the kids were buzzing with excitement at bedtime. They really do get so excited about these things! After Kieran’s ballet on Saturday, Hazel came charging in the house with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me that she picked out. Then we all headed to town. They had so much fun telling me to go away from them in town and to not watch where they were going. So they had fun and I bought Michael socks and spent a mini-fortune in Boots and Hazel now has lots of pretty new hair-bands. Then Kieran decided we had to have ‘sausage pasties’ (They have sausage rolls, we have pasties) along the canal, so lunch was bought and we had a mini-picnic. The sun was shining so it was nice outside, though rather chilly.

We then headed to the library—we were on a mission. Michael and I have been trying to plan a holiday and needed some books. You know, I shouldn’t wonder about my kids getting excited over simple things—after all they are mine! I had one of those ‘yes-this-is-the-life-moments’ in the library. You know what those are like, don’t you? Well anyway–Michael and I grabbed a pile of books and sat at one of the tables. The kids joined us, and so there we were. All four of us pouring over and discussing travel books and maps at a table in the library. It just gave me such a wonderful feeling— we have reached a lovely stage in their lives. Though I mourn the end of the baby stage and still crave another child half the time—every now and then I get a glimpse at how wonderful life will be with grown kids.

We came home and I had a lie down (we were up till after 1am planning the holiday) while they made cards for me. After my nap they all proceeded to the shops to get something for dinner and some more surprises for me. (See-a nap and some quiet time to read after I’d rested.) Supposedly they couldn’t find the right chocolates in town so a trip to Sainsbury’s was a must. Hazel was in charge of the shopping and nothing short of G & B will do for her mommy. Great kid! The cake they bought for Sunday was eaten when they came home—they couldn’t wait.

Michael made dinner: prawns, rice and peas with a lovely white wine sauce. To which Kieran said was ‘Huh-rahhh’ as Greg Wallace of Masterchef says! We then lit the fire for the evening. Hazel and I were watching the UK Eurovision competition and the boys went upstairs to wrap presents. You should have seen how excited Kieran was when he was trying to go past me in the living room with the tape dispenser behind his back! As I’ve said before—it doesn’t take much to make my two happy!

Sunday morning I awoke to two children pouncing on the bed with cards and gifts. Not a bad way to start the day! The cards were great. Hazel is so good at writing little personal notes in cards now. Kieran wrote out all of his too, with a little help with some spelling from Michael. They always draw cakes on the cards—all celebrations mean cake to my two. Of course the chocolate was opened and shared round first thing!

I then had more than my usual breakfast in bed. I have had tea in bed since the day Hazel came home from the hospital. Occasionally this is brought with toast or a crumpet. Hazel joined in the ‘breakfast-in-bed-for-mommy’ ritual over a year ago by occasionally bringing me cereal and juice. But today was back to the pre-kid days—I had tea, juice, scrambled eggs and toast. Nice way to start the day.

We then had to deal with the usual business of the 1st Sunday of the month—to the market we went. It’s the first time in ages we got there after 10am. We are usually home by then. It was nice because the market is much busier at that time and had a nice vibe to it. After the market we went to our little local canal shop for tea and tea-cakes. When we got home we decided to parcel everything up and have an afternoon Sunday Roast. Michael made us a wonderful roast pork dinner with roast potatoes, gravy, stuffing, swede and carrot mash, followed by crackling. While Michael was cooking we listened to my new cd by Jools Holland and I read for a bit, and I believed I dozed off again.

After our filling dinner we headed out for a walk. We went to find the new bird hide—it was very nice. It only took about 40 minutes to walk there, so very doable for a quick jaunt with the kids. The walk isn’t really 40 minutes—that includes playing ‘Pooh-sticks’, looking for frog spawn and watching narrow boats along the canal. Once home it was time to light the fire and have a cup of tea and the rest of the chocolate cheesecake.

The kids then had a bath so they could watch Life in Cold Blood with David Attenborough. It is the first nature series they have really seen a whole show of, and are enjoying it. Well—Kieran talks throughout the show asking questions non-stop while Hazel jumps out of her seat every time an animal pops up! But they are enjoying it and of course, learning quite a bit. It is nice to see them watching something without getting too stressed and having to turn it off.

Then it was time for them to go to bed and for me to enjoy another episode of Lark Rise to Candleford. I like relaxing weekends with treats!

Quote of the weekend: by Kieran:

Mommy, can we get a ‘fruit tart’?

When Michael and Kieran got to Waitrose on Friday they called to see what we needed, as Michael came home just in time to get them in the car and leave for class. So Kieran calls me and is relaying a few items to Michael for me. I know they are calling from right inside the shop, near the fruit and vegetables when Kieran asks me about the ‘fruit tart’. It puzzled me a bit, because I know it must be something he is looking at to want one, and I know they never have any cakes in that section. He likes fruit tarts, but it isn’t like him to ask for something like that unless he sees it—he is definitely the type of person who needs to ‘see’ an item to ask for it. So I tell him to ask his daddy and if it’s ok with him of course he can get it. Michael says he’ll try and figure it out and we hang up. They come home and Kieran is thrilled because Michael let him buy the ‘fruit tart’. What was it—it was grapefruits!!! Get it—tart fruit?!! I knew he had to be looking at something. Gotta love them! (And yes—he does like them.)

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