Front, back, front, hop!

This has been the week of the ‘jump threes’ step. After 3 lessons, Kieran has gotten it by sheer determination. He hasn’t stopped practicing since Monday night, and I can say that as of today he has it! I don’t think he liked not being able to be as fast as Hazel and most of the other children. He hasn’t stopped working at it all week. Hazel had it down pat by the second lesson, and was at full speed by the third week. (Not forgetting she learned another similar step in her other class.) They are both really excited about the class, the steps, and I think they really like the fast pace of the dance. On Monday they had an introduction to the ‘sevens’ or ‘side-step’ and a quick intro to the beginners reel. Today my two have been doing eight continuous ‘jump-threes’ around the table for half the afternoon. It’s nice to see them really enjoying this class—I’m so happy we found this teacher. In Hazel’s other Irish class she was just in a corner with some girls for the hour practicing the one step over and over.

On Wednesday the kids and I ran a few errands. We ended up spending a small fortune on Hazel for some new clothes, summer shoes and pyjamas. Then we headed to town and placed an order, which will cost a small fortune, at the dance shop for new ballet slippers and tap shoes for both kids and a new ballet outfit for Hazel. I think I’ll pass on the Irish soft shoes for another term or two. I rarely ever go to charity shops, but I decided to wander into the one next to the dance shop—and we found a great baby doll wicker rocking basket. For £3 I couldn’t resist. I think it has been dominated by Raggedy Anne since Wednesday, though their babies were supposed to share it.

Then I did something rather unusual—I went to the toy shop with them and got them the toys they wanted the week before. They both mentioned them again during the week, so I said we’d go get them. They have played with them quite a bit. Kieran got an Ambulance Medic on a motorcycle (yes—with flashing lights and loud sirens), and Hazel got a My Little Pony scooter with a new pony, ‘Cupcake’. They are both friction toys, so they do actually scoot across the floor.

Thursday was a nice day at home, we did some work, read some books together, they painted, I read my book for a bit, Hazel read to Kieran, I cooked a bolognaise, Hazel did some Hama beads, we all watched the end of the European Ice Skating competition, and then they went to Badgers after dinner.

Today we were up and out to the shop early. We needed a few things as Carole and Victoria were coming for lunch. They didn’t stay too long as Victoria wasn’t feeling very well and was rather tired.

About an hour after they left I wanted to go for a quick walk—just felt the need to get out in the last bit of sunshine for the day. We went to the lake and I don’t think we ever walked around it that fast before. It was cold! And very refreshing! When we got home they played out back for a bit and then we all had a snack. Michael was home in time to take them out, Hazel to ballet and Kieran to get a haircut—and a very nice one at that. We just had a chef salad for dinner—we all seemed to be craving one, even Kieran asked for one in the shop this morning.

The one thing I forgot to mention last week was that Hazel has her second wobbly tooth! She is so thrilled that this one doesn’t have a new tooth behind it; she is desperate for a gap! She has been wiggling this one non-stop, I think she’s afraid it’ll take too long and the new tooth will pop up and she won’t have the all-important gap!

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