A Weekend of Sunshine

On Sunday last week Michael headed to the States for the week. To distract the kids we went and did some window shopping. We also went, finally, to the second Farmers Market in town—it was very quite. We only got a quiche for dinner; we didn’t really need anything else. The man at the stall practically gave it away, they had brought far too much for the low turn-out. We went to a toy shop I hadn’t noticed before: not a real surprise as we rarely go to town. We had a nice browse around, and I think I’ll get back sometime on my own to get a couple of the things they liked. I rarely ever just buy anything like that when they are with me—it works for us and I never have any pestering in shops. After a couple of hours of window shopping we came home for a quick lunch. Then we headed to a local grocery store for some basics and then had the quiche for dinner. We had a nice evening together tracking Michaels’ flight and reading a bunch of books. I don’t read to them as much these days (Michael does most bedtime stories, and Hazel has been reading to us in the daytime), so we grabbed a few library books and had a good read.

The week was very quiet, very quiet! We went to Irish dancing and they both had a good session. Kieran was tired before it ended, as I let them stay up till Michael landed in Denver. They had a shower after class and a light dinner. We spent most of the week at home. We ran a few errands, but other than that we didn’t too much. Hazel had a sniffle and didn’t want to go to their gym class, and Kieran wasn’t that fussed so we stayed home. I was in a blah mood most of the week, so was more than happy to stay home as well. We shifted lots of books, did some baking and cooking, they painted tons of pictures and helped re-home the games and arts-n-crafts materials.

There was a bit of good news—the builders called and should be here within a week. Yeah! Funny part was, Michael and I hadn’t finalized what we wanted done. We are terrible; we have had a year to plan this. Michael happened to finish work early on the Wednesday so called me before 11pm, so we both were happy that night. I’ve grown very weary of the back garden not being completed—it’ll be great to be able to get it ready for the summer. We might even be able to get some things ready by the springtime. Hazel is so excited and wanted to know where she was going to grow her carrots. Time to plan what is to be planted.

That lifted my mood, and Hazel’s sniffles were better by Friday, so we decided to enter the world again. We ran a few errands, bought a postcard of the town, went to ballet and tracked Michael’s flight to DC. By then it was their bedtime-and they went to bed very excited about seeing their dad in the morning.

Michaels flight was a bit late, but he was home by 9:15am, so not too much of a wait. Kieran had decided to be dropped off at ballet, and then I was to race home and get there before Michael did, as he didn’t have a key. He came home, Hazel went nuts when she saw him—the taxi driver must love that part of his job. Must be like working in the arrivals hall—so many people thrilled to see each other. We quickly headed back out the door to go get Kieran—he clung to Michael for awhile before we could get him dressed. Home to tons of cuddles and some presents! I finally have some proper cupcake tins. Oh yes, and some lovely earrings.

Michael went up for a nap a little later, I baked banana bread, and the kids went outside to enjoy the sunshine. It was the first time in almost two months they were outside. It hasn’t rained in a few days, just a few light rains during the night. It is still damp out there, but the sun was shining and they took advantage of it. I was thrilled to see them outside again, and that Hazel wanted to spend time in the playhouse without being prompted.

When Michael woke up we headed to the library and to the shops. We just got a few more books—the kids are starting to branch out with what they want to read. It’s nice to see the new choices. A find for the day was I had noticed the European Ice Skating Championship was on TV, so I taped that and fast-forwarded through half of it with the kids in the evening. We still have two more hours to speed through! It is so rare to see it on TV here—I do miss watching it.

We were woken early on Sunday by Hazel carrying in her binoculars and the birdwatch form to announce it was time to start watching the birds. We managed to have breakfast first and then sat to count birds. Michael headed back to bed after the hour as he had been up most of the night due to jet-lag. The kids headed outside, and I baked oatmeal raisin biscuits. Almost a repeat of Saturday! Except I prepared lunch as well—vegetable wraps with guacamole and sour cream. I cheated on the salsa; I just chopped some baby plum tomatoes.

After lunch the kids and Michael went for a walk—I think Michael will be buying a scooter so he can keep up with them! They brought me home some lovely flowers! I stayed home and had a rest and ironed all of Hazel’s finished Hama bead creations that have been ready for ages. I even repaired a few. She is ever so patient with me; I shouldn’t make her wait so long. After that Michael cooked a delicious roast lamb dinner, he and Kieran made a Lego Double Decker bus, Hazel did her new puzzle her dad brought home, the kids sent their grandparents some emails and then bedtime!

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