The Rain Stopped—

Well it did stop for the daytime on Wednesday, but came back Wednesday night and hasn’t gone away yet. Oh well! It could be worse—it could be freezing and snowing. I’ll take the non-stop drizzle over shovelling out our long driveway. And—we did see yet another wonderful rainbow on Thursday. We could see the full arch, which is always a sight to make my heart sing.

As it didn’t rain on Wednesday we got out for a few hours. The parks are all drenched so we just went and did some shopping. Our first stop was to our local Country Market to pick up a cardigan one of the women knitted for Hazel. It is a lovely shade of lilac and we are really pleased with it. The women were all pleased to see the kids and asked them how their Christmas was. It’s nice to see them chatting away with the women, especially the one who questioned me about HE. She stopped chatting with some friends to come over and say hello to the kids.

After the market we went to the retail park for a bit of shopping. We bought some new clothes and pyjamas for both kids. We ran into a friend of ours outside the one shop-the kids always get a thrill of running into someone while out and about.

We then headed to Borders and spent almost 2 hours browsing. What a treat! Kieran loves to look at books and always picks ones with wonderful pictures. He just studies every detail of the pictures to try and get to know the story that way. Hazel is still picking up extremely easy books to read, but I think I finally got through to her that she doesn’t need the overly abridge versions of books. I think she is just afraid we might stop reading to her if she does it herself. I stated yet again that we both love to read aloud to them and promised to read whichever one she picked for me to read in the afternoon. That seemed to do the trick. She ended up picking out some (young reader, not beginner reader) abridge classics and Kieran picked out some of the Katie Morag books. These purchases were courtesy of their gift money from my friend Joan—so thanks again! Of course I picked out a few more for them and some new cd’s for us to listen to in the car—I think I ended up spending three times the amount they did!

Thursday was a day at home—I tided the house and cooked a dinner for Thursday and the bolognaise sauce to make a Baked Ziti for Friday. The kids did some sit-down work and spent most of the day painting. And before I knew it they were home from Badgers and in the bath. Where does the time go?

On Friday we had a special treat. We went over to our friend Carole’s house for ‘La Galette des Rois’, otherwise known as the ‘King cake’. It is a cake with a treat in it to celebrate the Epiphany. The finder of the treat becomes the ‘king’ or ‘queen’ for the day. Hazel found the treat in her piece of cake. The children all dressed up as queens and a king and had fun. They also played a few games, but had to do all the responses in French. Cake and a free French lesson—can’t beat that!

We had our new schedule of classes in full effect this week. I’m glad they both like the Irish dancing class—I like the new schedule. It feels as if most of the week is free to do all sorts of activities. They will be doing Irish dancing, gymnastics, Badgers and Ballet & Tap. That is 3 classes less for each of them this term. It has felt relaxed and yet they each still have an activity four days a week.

On the home front, Michael has stained all the new shelves from Ikea and everything was put together by last night. We both like the end results—just need to fill the shelves and then find out how much it’ll cost to have proper ones built!

Today was fairly busy. Kieran had ballet first thing, and while Michael was out with them he went to the barbers. I was planning on an unusual Saturday morning—I was going to watch the Saturday Kitchen show at 10am for the first time in over a year. About an hour into it I decided to get a bit busy and we ended up heating some baguettes for lunch to go with the left-over ziti, we roasted some peppers, mushrooms and red onions for pizza for dinner, made the pizza dough and we made Apple Crumble muffins. So, not the lazy relaxed morning I intended, but a delightful and productive one. We then went to the Organic Market in the afternoon and had a visit to the library as well. Back home to make the pizzas and have one of those nice long dinners chatting away.

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