1 Down, 19 To Go!

Hazel’s 1st tooth has finally come out! Well—it had some assistance this morning from her Daddy. It started to bend completely down on Sunday, but wouldn’t come out. She was uncomfortable with it, so I explained this morning that if it was pulled she’d feel better. So she took the plunge and agreed that he could give it one try and if it didn’t come out it would be her decision if he could try again. Luckily enough it came out right away; unluckily it flew out of his hands and onto our cream coloured carpet! Poor Michael was so upset looking for it for ages—of course I found it within seconds of helping out!

She cried right after, not from pain, but she didn’t want to get older! Though she is happier now that everyone can see her grown-up tooth that was right behind it. Kieran kept telling her ‘congratulations for becoming a grown-up’.

So, one tooth down and a little girl is £5 richer. Yes that’s right—she got £5. I would never have let anyone pull mine out—I screamed and cried over the usual ones that fell out nicely. I couldn’t even watch her wiggle hers without cringing! Bravery deserves rewards!

In other news we tried a new Irish dancing class this afternoon and have all decided it’d be better for Hazel and a good one for Kieran to join. I was so thrilled when another boy came in. He started last term and is just a few months older than Kieran. The teacher did all the steps with them—and added in some things just for fun and to break the monotony of learning one new step for an hour.

This does mean our schedule for the week has to be changed—but that has been easy enough. The only bad bit is they won’t be able to fit in any music classes, so we’ve said we’ll work on that for the autumn. It does mean that we have more time for sit-down work and outings—which I think I’ll enjoy more. The other benefit is none start before 4pm, so it’s like having every day free now.

Over the weekend Michael and I had one of our ‘usual Sundays’. Yes—we moved furniture and tried to re-organize, yet again! We came up with some more ideas—one being a wall of bookshelves and cupboards in the kitchen’s living area. So—how to accomplish that and see if that’s what we really want? Michael hit on it–IKEA! Yes—buy some of their basic shelving units, put them up and see how they work, before investing in a proper built in unit. So after the kids Irish class, we headed to the nearest IKEA—about an hour away. It was a very late night in the end, but we got just about everything we need and the kids were great considering we got home 4 hours past their bed time. Now, we just need to put it all together and see if we like it.

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