100% Home Educated

As Kieran was 5 in December—this is the term in which he is of the legal age to start his education here in the UK. So both children are officially Home Educated as of January! I’m still thrilled we’ve been able to make this choice, and I don’t think any of us would change it for anything else. Well-being independently wealthy and having Michael at home so we could travel & explore more places would make the whole scenario just perfect! I can dream, can’t I?

We have not followed a structured approach yet, and don’t have any plans to drastically change our approach to educating the children in the immediate future. Being able to focus on what the kids are interested in, showing them how to do things when they ask to be shown and just letting them play the day away has done wonders so far! We will be doing sit down work a bit more often—to reinforce what they have learnt and to practice their maths, reading and handwriting etc… We have gotten more ‘resources’ such as new games, new types of paints, pens and pastels, new brushes of a variety of shapes and textures, more Lego and other building and crafty materials for them to explore other means of artistic and technical development. They have taken to all of these like ducks to water—and are producing art works and new creations left-right-and-centre! We will also continue with trips, shows and activities for them to experience things first hand.

For their activities this term we still haven’t finalized a schedule for them. I’ve never liked the Irish dance teacher or his classes, but as it was the only one around here, we signed up. His style of teaching is brusque and wouldn’t suit Kieran who is expressing an interest. One of the other teachers I had contacted has classes about 20 minutes away from us and emailed to let me know she has two places open now. So we will be trying that out—and if we like it, they will both join. This of course means moving their gym and music classes—but I think the end schedule will be one that works for us.

This week has seen the return of MasterChef. I’ve taped the shows so far for the kids to watch in the daytime. Kieran has actually sat through the full programs so far, and is using some of the terminology. It is exactly how Hazel started to get hooked on it. He, like Hazel, has decided he should go to MasterChef when he’s older. So today he was asking me how to spell ‘bread’, ‘jam’, and ‘cream cheese’. When I asked him why he wanted to know he said it was for MasterChef when he goes there. And I asked if that was what he was going to make for them and he said ‘Yes, because I can’t cook, but I’m sure I could make that well!’ Gotta love them!

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