Hazel's First Love

I know in years from now she’ll get annoyed by this, but as an adult I’m sure she’ll love this. We don’t watch much TV around here in the daytime, and football is not a huge passion—and we don’t have any of the sports channels. When it comes to England or Liverpool games, if they are on the BBC Michael tries to watch them. Hazel has never been into watching TV—there are a few shows she likes, but when she was little she’d pay no mind to the TV. Until one day—about 3 ½ years ago:

A football match was on the BBC and during the half-time the guys from Match of the Day were on the TV commenting. Well—’he’ started to talk, she stopped, stared and fell in love. Though she has no idea what that kind of ‘love’ is to this day– Alan Hansen has captured her heart. She will stop anything and come running if she hears his voice. She just stares at him—and it is so adorable! He was on last week one day when she said that she wondered if she could marry him. Then she decided by the time she is old enough, he’d be way too old for her. Then she just said, ‘Oh, I wish I was old enough now, and then we could get married!’

This is from my daughter who has never been read a single fairy tale, has no idea about crushes, though she watched Cinderella the only thing she got from it was Cinderella—the falling in love bit went over her head. It just goes to show, attractions just come so naturally to people. It also shows she has good taste!

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