The Start of the Year

After putting the kids to bed on New Years Eve, we decided, against our better judgement, to stay up and watch the Jools Holland show. We were still tired from having Kieran up most nights the week leading up to Christmas and knew an early night would have been best—but what the hey! We had a nice evening and as the kids slept in, we had a very leisurely start to the New Year.

We had two vouchers/coupons for Robert Dyas that had to be spent on the 1st only and a voucher for WH Smith. So into town we went. There weren’t too many shops open but the ones we wanted were. We had a good look around and bought some new things for everyone. Kieran really wanted some proper water paints now that Hazel had some—and I joined in on getting some of those too. I just may use them one day! Hazel picked out a couple of proper books for herself—though she still hasn’t tried reading them yet. We went to a pasty shop for lunch and for the first time ever we ate inside. We usually get them to go and have a walk along the canal to eat them. We were pleasantly surprised when we went downstairs to their dining room—it was lovely and we had a table right at the windows next to the canal. The kids loved it when a canal boat came right past us. They still haven’t spent all their Christmas money—they are waiting to find something really special to buy with the money my friend sent them—I love that they are so choosy and just won’t buy any old shiny thing.

Wednesday Michael went to work and the kids and I stayed home and did some organizing and I did some laundry. I gave up on the organizing fairly quickly—I didn’t have enough storage spaces for all the old things—never mind all the new things! Michael and I had dental appointments on the 3rd—other than that nothing very exciting happened. Michael had an afternoon appointment on Friday so was home for the afternoon. He took Hazel to ballet for me.

After Kieran’s ballet yesterday, Michael took the kids for a long walk with their scooters. They went all the way to town and back and stopped off at the lake as well—giving me almost enough time to do their rooms. My two don’t have many toys by today’s standards—they just have any toys they’ve ever gotten and haven’t outgrown. We have also never bought the small ‘plastic-tat’ type of toys so we don’t have tons of little things cluttering the house. They haven’t broken or abused any of their things, and even if they don’t play with something often—they do play with them. But—it was just getting too much for me—so I did a clear out. They haven’t even noticed about ¾ of what I’d taken out. Old stuffed animals and little things they don’t play with much. The things they’ve outgrown and that are special have been put away, some things are in the ‘to sell’ pile and some were given to the charity shop. They still like the Little People—so I just put most of that away until the play room is ready. But we think we’ll sell most of it before the year is out—except the garage as he still likes that. Hazel still likes the little house, though she doesn’t play with it too often. She has decided she doesn’t want her wooden doll house, so that we will sell. It has all the furniture and is in good condition-she just doesn’t like it. So four hours later and there is some room—just not enough for everything. I’ll have to think about this
some more!

Today started with the Farmers Market. It was so empty—I wonder where everyone was? This meant that the ‘Sausage Sandwich’ Lady, as we call her, increased the amount of sausages in all the sausage sandwiches. The kids liked having two in their sandwiches—I think they’ll want a grown-up one every time! We got to see our neighbours’ new baby while at the market. Does the yearning to have another ever go away????

After that we headed to the grocery store to do a final shop—then home to put it all away. In the afternoon Hazel and I went to town together. We don’t do this often—but I so love it when we do. We had a good browse in WH Smith for a few books and then I bought some shoes and a new top. I’m increasing my colour range—it’s dark purple—so it’s still dark, but not black!

For dinner we had some more pheasant breast. We are really enjoying experimenting with it. Michael made a wonderful red-currant gravy to go with it—yummy!

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