My Baby Girl is 6!

We have been very fortunate to have one of the most wonderful little girls to call our own. She has been nothing short of pure joy for almost every moment of her life. Though she is rather beautiful, it is her lovely personality that is her one true beauty. I can’t but help smile every time I think of her.

She is always quick with a smile or a kind word, has never had an unkind thought, has never done an unkind deed, and is the most loving and caring sister and has always been the most charming little girl to be around. She is so intune with nature and seems to sparkle even more when she is outdoors. Her knowledge base and her quick grasp of new ideas or skills astound me constantly! She has always been one of the most articulate little girls, always able to put her point across, and always willing to tell us what she does or doesn’t like. We’ve never had to deal with a tantrum from her. This does not mean she’s a walk-over, just that she has always known how to convey her opinion in an articulate manner.

I have loved her unconditionally from the second I knew I was pregnant with her, from the first ‘viewing’ of her at 11 weeks and 6 days, from that very first kick and from the moment she was put in my arms. She will always be my most treasured Christmas gift! Thank you Hazel for teaching me what utter joy is like.

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