Exhausted, but almost ready

First and foremost—I am so thrilled Alesha won Strictly Come Dancing—Hazel will jump for joy in the morning when she hears the news. Of course this means that Kieran will be devastated that Matt lost—but oh well—she was the best and Hazel and I are going to enjoy the moment and Kieran can have a commiseration hug. See—you can be a wonderful mommy and a mean mommy all at the same time!

The reason we—Michael and I, are exhausted is due to Kieran not sleeping well—with what we thought at first was just sleeplessness. He was up during the night on Wednesday and as a result we got very little sleep. I was actually relieved when an outing with some friends for Thursday got cancelled, as I didn’t think either Kieran or I would make it to the afternoon. He wasn’t looking very well later Thursday morning and when I off-handily suggested he might want to lie down in my bed he took himself upstairs and took a nap. Though he was ill—he looked like a cherub when I went to check on him. He’s one adorable boy! He ended up being very feverish Thursday and Friday, which meant he slept with me. Or should I say he tossed and turned with me? He is so cuddly most days, but when he’s ill he can’t seem to get close enough. He seems a bit weary today but is definitely on the mend.

We were heading into town to do some food shopping and for me to nip into a shop or two while Michael played the distracting daddy. But before we went Kieran decided to not only make his bed, but his sisters as well. Her bed is much harder he says-because she has so many babies and they weren’t all ready to go to bed! He did a great job—especially as they are the midi-riser beds. What a good little brother! And just an aside to the food shopping—I actually used a list and it really made it much easier.

Hazel was brilliant while Kieran was being extra needed the past few days. I did enjoy Kieran’s nap as she and I got to spend some time alone. We had a lovely cuddle and looked through some cook books for some things to make over the holidays. We don’t go all out with entertaining this time of the year and try to keep cooking to the normal levels. I showed Michael a to-do-and-to-make-list on one of the Early Years blog ring blogs—and he was as amazed as I was. We haven’t even decided what we are having tomorrow when we have some guests over for the afternoon. For that matter, we have no idea what’s for Christmas dinner! We are waiting to go to the market in the morning to decide. We take this all very laid back.

The kids have been very busy with colouring Christmas pictures for the house. Hazel has been busy making beaded necklaces and bracelets for all of her cousins, friends and Aunties. Even her Gran and Great Gran will be getting one. They also finished all the cards for the neighbours. They have done lots of cooking and baking as well. We made oatmeal-raisin cookies and for the first time some cheese biscuits—the Usborne ones. They were pretty good. We made some banana bread as well-just because I know it’ll taste good. We also made some Butternut squash soup. Michael made the best ever Honey Roast ham today. It’s going to be used as sandwiches over the next few days—if it lasts beyond tomorrow. As we are having some friends over tomorrow the kids helped me bake a cake to celebrate Hazel’s birthday a day early. She wanted to decorate it herself—she did a cute job.

Over the next few days we’ll try and do some more baking. Hazel wants to try mince pies—it’ll be the first time making pastry so we’ll see how it goes. She also wants to do another batch of cheesy stars and some Gingerbread men. The kids and I are also going to make a few book markers as gifts for her cousins. We’ll be busy over the next few days and maybe I’ll actually take a photo of them doing some of these things!

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