Cards, cards and more cards

We have all been very busy making the Christmas cards this year. Hazel has done a great job this year. She picked 2 designs—one being a snowflake with some glitter on it. I had to show her how to do the first snowflake—after that she was on her own with them. She made over 30 for the HE card exchange. She made some like that for some of her cousins and everyone else got a Christmas tree. Kieran did help with the glittering and the stamping, but I don’t think he enjoyed writing his name so often! But we reached our goal of having all the HE cards in the post by this past Sunday. We have five more local cards to do tomorrow and then we’re done.

Michael got in the act with the snowflakes and decided to show her how to make more intricate patterns. Did he stop to think that they were going to have to be glued down and then have a glue stick rubbed on top for the glitter? Of course not—they were too hard to glue, but she got the hang of it right away and can do some very delicate ones.

What else have we been up to? We had a great play date with a local HE family last Thursday. We hardly see them, which is a shame. We’ll have to work on that in the New Year as the kids do get along nicely. And of course we moms haven’t run out of things to talk about!

The weekend was dominated by card making, tree shopping, tree decorating and some shopping. Saturday was spent looking for the perfect tree. We went to two private nurseries and were disappointed by the selection—well; I like it to be at least 6’ tall when it’s in the stand! They were so short this year. We ended up at the usual nation-wide garden centre to buy one—it’s a nice shape so I’m pleased. And as in most relationships, if I’m pleased Michael is relaxed!

Sunday was spent shopping. We don’t generally buy much for Christmas and only buy for a few other children and Michael’s nieces and nephews. So the shopping in town—which I dread most weekends, never mind in December, was quite nice. We were just looking for things we needed/wanted.

While ironing one day last week I noticed a sad pattern—I have about 8 black tops and Michael has about 6 burgundy coloured shirts. We’re stuck in a colour rut! OK—they aren’t our only tops—but the lack of variety was shocking! So I went and bought four tops for myself. Not one was black!

We also had the kids feet measured in Clarke’s, but didn’t like anything. The selection for girls there is dire—ugly black school shoes. Have they no imagination in their design centre? Don’t they think girls want to wear nice shoes after school or on the weekends other than pink and white trainers/sneakers??? The boy’s selection has varied so little in Kieran’s four years of wearing shoes-I will not keep buying that style!

After that we stopped off for some tea and chips before a few last stops and then home to decorate the tree. Michael and I have as yet to put the lights on the tree without a bit of a ‘grumbling’—so we did that Saturday after the kids went to bed. They did most of the decorating—it’s very simply done this year.

We had our family visit to the dentist yesterday. Hazel’s tooth has still not come out—so she was instructed to wiggle it often. Something I’ve discouraged because I just hated it so! I can’t even stand watching her do it.

Today was spent with Victoria and Carole. We don’t see that much of them because of our schedules, but we have a couple of dates with them in January as well as watching Victoria, so that’ll be nice.

I just bought Hazel’s birthday gift this evening—I’m going to take her to see Swan Lake by the St. Petersburg Ballet company. I think she’ll really enjoy her own special day out.

That pretty much rounds up the week. My friend posted the kids a Christmas box over a week ago which I’ve been waiting for—it came tonight at 8pm—the Post Office are definitely putting in some extra hours this month. The kids are going to be so excited to see the box in the morning. Thanks Joan!

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