Kieran's 5th Birthday

How did my baby become 5 already? It is just so unfair how quickly time goes when you have children—if I could slow time down I most certainly would. I miss having a baby, but I love having a little boy who has always brought so much joy into our lives.

Kieran is a funny, bubbly, happy, energetic, intelligent, curious, sensitive and extremely lovable little boy. He is also my imp—the one who’ll get away with everything because he has this smile that just melts my heart every time! Though to be honest–he has never really done anything too naughty!

We had decided, for various reasons, to give birthday parties a miss this year. So we just had a lovely day at home. Kieran started the day by opening his gifts—Lego was the main feature along with some gifts Hazel picked out for him. They spent most of the morning with Michael putting together the new Lego vehicles he got.

As Kieran likes spicy food—lunch was a chilli con carne and for dinner we did burritos with all the accompaniments—tortilla chips being his favourite part of the meal! So a quite day, but I think he enjoyed it—especially as they were looking forward to going to London the next day!

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