Meeting Abigail

We spent the weekend up north visiting Michael’s family and to meet our newest niece—Abigail. She was born the 7th of November and is doing very well. Kieran and Hazel couldn’t wait to meet her and were very delighted to see her. Kieran has a thing for babies—you could barely get him into another room if it meant leaving Abigail.
The weekend was nice, we spent Saturday and Sunday night instead of just Saturday. We spent Saturday at his brothers visiting with his four nieces. In the evening Michael went out for a few drinks with a cousin of his who was visiting from Sheffield. It was arranged last minute so I didn’t go as we didn’t feel his mom was up to coming to the hotel to watch our two, plus I was all ready for bed! Hopefully we’ll see them at Christmas-time.

Hazel has been wanting some time at her grandparents on her own, so they watched the two of them Sunday morning. Michael and I took advantage of this and went shopping for the upcoming birthdays and holiday. It was nice to have the time to wander and look at everything. We usually have them with us and do some covert buying! We must be good as they’ve never caught us yet!

When we came back we had a lovely brunch. Then we went to visit his sister’s family. They have a boy who’ll be 8 in January. Hazel & Kieran love going to play with Jamie—he was even upset when they left. It was great to be able to say we’ll be back soon. Then back to his mom’s for dinner—she made two of the kid’s favourite dishes—Roast Pork with crackling for Kieran and Trifle for Hazel. They were doting grandparents this weekend—they even bought brie for the cheese board as Hazel likes it. Michael’s grandmother was there for dinner which was lovely.
We got off very early (for us) on Monday morning. I have to say we were pleasantly surprised by how light the traffic through the Midlands was-we practically sailed through. We were early enough to stop at one of our favourite farm shops—especially as they have a café that makes delicious sandwiches. We also went to a butcher in that area that we like to stock up as we missed our usual farmers market. Michael and I bit the bullet and finally bought some pheasant—it was delicious.

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