Hillier Gardens

One of the Home Education groups we belong to arranged an educational visit to the Hillier Gardens in Romsey. It’s a bit of a hike from here—but as I’ve wanted to go to these gardens for awhile now—I couldn’t turn down free admission! The gardens were as beautiful as I thought they would be—and we will definitely be going back. But not for an ‘educational’ outing! While we were walking to the car at the end Hazel said that she was surprised ‘they didn’t teach us anything.’ To which Kieran responded by saying, ‘good thing we have our books on nature at home.’ I just love that they know how to use resources and can realize if anything valuable had been passed on—which I hadn’t thought was. When we arrived in the morning they made some crafts out of pinecones, then we went outside to find colours in the gardens. Ok—I know my two aren’t the only ones to realize that plants have a huge range of colour and that some flower in the autumn and winter! Then after eating lunch on a floor, we went back out for a walk and another craft. The walk would have been far better if they (there were about 5 guides!) talked about the unusual trees in the garden. Oh well—it didn’t rain and we’ve found a lovely garden to go investigate on our own and we saw some friends we hadn’t for awhile. So a lovely day!

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