Ballet Exams

Hazel and Kieran had their first exams—Hazel did tap and Kieran did a ballet exam. Kieran’s was just a nursery exam—so not graded. All the children were given a certificate and pin. Hazel’s was graded but we won’t have the results for a bit— but are quite sure she did very well. Her teacher said her performance was the best she’s ever seen. I was very thrilled that the behind the scenes room with all the parents was as if it was a normal class with just a bit of faffing about–and all the mom’s thought it was all a bit silly! There are definitely not any pushy ballet mom’s in this group. Both children had borrowed uniforms—Hazel’s group had to borrow the blue tap uniform and we had to borrow a white leotard and bicycle shorts for Kieran. I think they look cute!

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