Hazel's Big News

Hazel has her 1st wobbly tooth AND her 1st grown up tooth all at the same time! She took ages yesterday to eat an apple so I took a peek—and was so surprised to see the 2nd tooth there and to see two wobbly teeth. They weren’t there at the end of last week when we checked. Hazel was mighty excited and was calling her new tooth, in a very proud manner, a ‘naughty’ one for coming in early. She has so far handled it well—we just have to see how she is when it falls out. And she is still adamant that the tooth fairy is not to come!

We aren’t really prepared for this next step in her getting older—it’s exciting yet heartbreaking—proof she won’t always be our little girl. Made me a bit misty later that evening! Hazel got a bit sad and misty-eyed while talking about it—she said that that surprised her and couldn’t express why she was a tad sad. I think in her own way she sees the beginning of the end of her childhood.

Thanksgiving: if Tammy hadn’t sent a message wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving the day would have gone by without my noticing it was Thanksgiving! Feels awfully early this year. So to all who are celebrating today–I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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One Response to Hazel's Big News

  1. tammy says:

    Hope you guys have a wonderful day! There are some great clips about thanksgiving on http://www.history.com, sam and I have really enjoyed watching them today.Congrats to Hazel on her loose tooth, they grow up so fast don’t they.

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