Date Night

Michael and I went out last night for the 1st time in years. Since Hazel has been born I think we’ve been out to dinner once, to one wedding and one work function on our own. So for Michael’s birthday this year I got us tickets to see Jools Holland in concert. It was really good and Lulu was one of the guest singers. I never thought I’d see her in concert—so that was a real treat.

It felt great to be out at night—and I can’t believe how long it’s been since I was at a concert. I think it’s one of the few concerts I’ve ever been to where I sat the whole time. I think the only other time was when I went to see Bon Jovi way back in the 80’s with my friend-later-turned-SIL. We were at the Meadowlands (might be called Continental Stadium now) and we were in the third from last seats—way up in the nose bleed section. I guess I should have asked where the seats were first! I was terrified—I hate heights like that when they have a drop in front of us. I was praying the whole time she wouldn’t fall off her chair and hating that I couldn’t join her—I was a bit paralyzed with fear! Michael laughs about that because my favourite seats are front row centre balcony! It has a wall so once I’m in my seat I’m ok. Anyway—we had such a good time we booked the sitter for the next two weeks! Once for dinner and once to hit the toy shop!

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