Birds, bird, birds

I have a lovely little Lilac tree about 10 feet away from my kitchen window. It has to be my favourite tree in the world—I just love looking at it. When we decided on an extension—the Lilac denoted where we would build to and I made sure the builders didn’t go near her roots. Its’ trunk twists up and has formed a lovely shape. And it is always buzzing with activity. Our neighbours have quite a few bird feeders and bird boxes on their tree just over the hedge from my Lilac tree. The birds use our Lilac as a waiting and hiding post. They literally seem to form a queue waiting to approach the bird feeders.

Anyway—this morning as I was doing the dishes I was thrilled by the amount of birds and the variety I saw in about 15 minutes. Then I stopped to think how lucky I was to watch it all—and to not have to be sitting in an office all day. I’m also so happy that I can’t stand dishwashers and can stand there a few times a day enjoying the activity outside. Even though washing dishes can be a bit wearisome at times—I really have a lovely view. The fact that I could name so many types of birds as well made me happy that I’ve had the time to do all this. Who knew that washing dishes could make you realize how fortunate you are!

The birds I noticed in about 15 minutes were: Blackbirds, Robins, Great Tit, Blue Tits, Woodpigeons, Collared Dove, Jackdaws, Magpie, Sparrows, Chaffinch and some Starlings.

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