Photo Blog–well, mostly!

Once again I’ve left far too much time between blogs, so a quick recap (well—quick for me!) and then I’ll let the photos do the talking!

We had a quiet two weeks while Michael was away. The highlights were a trip to see my cousin and her girls (a long overdue visit!) and then a friend’s birthday party. For the party they went den building in a wood local to our friend’s house. The kids did a great job and had lots of fun.

Michael arrived home on the 28th to two very happy and excited children. Yes—I was pleased too! I was a bit miffed though when I got out of bed at 6:15am, right before his flight should be landing to see the taxi driver walking up our drive! Luckily enough they had another driver at the airport so it was only about a ½ hour delay. We had a very nice day together and we all enjoyed our gifts!

We were supposed to have a plumber in on the 29th to remove the old kitchen radiator and put a new one in on another wall—but he didn’t show till Tuesday. So a bit of a wasted day—but the end result is good and we are pleased with our choice.

On Halloween I started the day getting very annoyed with my mother as I needed someone to blame for my ignorance! Hazel decided the top on her new witch costume was too itchy, and that wearing another of her dress up costumes wasn’t right for Halloween. So I decided she could wear a plain pink top with her skirt and just put the cape over it. That didn’t work as the cape had nothing to stick to. I remembered that when my mom did my wedding dress, there were some snaps in the sewing box. (Did I mention she was a seamstress? Did I also mention she wouldn’t teach my sister or I how to sew? Ok—I admit it wasn’t something I was eager to learn then! Who knew I’d be so desperate now!) How hard could it be to fasten two snaps onto a top and small cape? Oh—and take the skirt in about 3 inches? Well—it’s amazingly hard for someone who can just thread a needle and then sit there clueless! Anyway—I did it—not the best job in the world but it looked good enough and it only took just over an hour. What does Hazel decide to do? Yes, that’s right; she wanted to wear the pink witches top after all! Arghhhhh! And not once all day did she say it was itchy! Double Arghhhh!!

The day wasn’t completely lost—we went to a local market and bought some more dolls clothes and put in a large order for some more and then they went to recorder class. They were the only kids in costumes out and about and enjoyed the fun of it. We went to a friends Halloween party right after class. They had fun playing party games like bobbing for apples. They went trick-or-treating to a couple of houses and then home.

A few days after that was Michael’s birthday—the big 40! He handled it far better than I did. I spent about a year fretting about it and am still in shock! We had a nice day together and just pottered around in the morning and then headed to town. The weather had been lovely so we decided to have pasties by the canal in town. We had to go to town anyway so he could carry back one of his gifts. He’s wanted a large wooden cutting board for ages—so I found one, but wasn’t lugging it back to the car! We had a meal out for dinner after Hazel’s ballet. Then the next night we went to child friendly fireworks down the street from us. Hazel loved it—Kieran lost it with the first firework. I had to take him inside for most of it and when he calmed down and got over the initial shock he went outside again. We had to be as far away as possible and he covered his ears the whole time. He enjoys the colours, just not the noise.
The 5th of November is Bonfire Night here in the UK. It is celebrated by lighting bonfires (a tad bit obvious!) and firework displays. This was the 1st year we had a bonfire—we trimmed the lilac tree so had plenty of kindling around. The kids enjoyed it—especially having hot chocolate outside! This past weekend was spent relaxing on Saturday—the kids and I baked jam tarts and Michael made what was probably the worst Ciabatta bread ever! We think we need a better recipe!

Sunday was spent moving the furniture around, yet again. (I think it may be a mental problem on my part—possibly inherited!) We needed to get the desk out of the room upstairs so we can eventually paint that room. (That’s my story anyway!) So—that’s the last few weeks in a fairly quick round-up!
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