Quiet week

Hazel tried her new class on Tuesday–Irish dancing, and she really enjoyed it. The teacher is a very demanding man and I was a bit put off by him when we went to observe a class. I thought he’d put Hazel off, but she still wanted to try it because she really liked the dancing. I think it helped that one of the girls from her ballet class was there and seems to enjoy it. So Michael and I’ve decided that a pushy teacher might not be the worst thing ever, especially as none of her teachers so far has been the least bit demanding of her. I thought it was cute that she was surprised that a teacher could be a man! I didn’t have any male teachers till I was in high school, so I’ve experienced that shock myself. We won’t be buying the proper shoes for the class till next term, if she wants to keep going. This now means we have an activity every day except Sunday.

The class was a nice distraction for us on Tuesday as Michael left that morning for almost two weeks in the States. It’s the 1st time they’ve really noticed him being so far and though they were very upset when he left they have settled down. We did manage to track his flight online for most of the afternoon and before bed. His flight didn’t land till after their bedtime but it helped to distract them a bit. They thought they’d see his return flight as well but I had to explain they’d be in bed before he left the States. They have had a vague idea of how there is a time difference between here and the US, but this time I think it is much clearer especially as they are acting as Michael’s alarm clock this week.

The kids had their music classes on Wednesday and French class and Badgers on Thursday. It was the first time in a few weeks I went to Badgers with them. One of us has to stay at Badgers for their insurance purposes as Kieran is under 5. The last time I went Kieran acted very clingy, which is not like him in a class setting. I was quite pleased to see how they have both settled in with the other children and seem to enjoy it. They only came over once or twice to say hello. That is the end of activities for another week as it’s half term here.

We spent most of Thursday and Friday in the back garden. It has become a very neglected garden, as I’ve lost all interest in it. It has been a construction site for too long now and it won’t be done till the Spring time at this rate, which makes planting and planning very hard at the moment. The rainy summer didn’t help either! So I forced myself out there on Thursday and got quite a bit done over the two days. We’ve planted out some flowers, planted some bulbs in pots as I can’t put them in the ground till next year, planted out some leeks, tidied up some beds, raked the one patch of grass and put some grass seed down and harvested our sunflower seeds. The kids also weeded out some garden and beach toys for the charity shop. The worst move of the day was going in the shed–poor Michael has his worked cut out for him when he gets home. It’s a bit of a tip and really needs to be a tad more organized. I do love reorganizing! Just need his muscles to lug everything out and to make some new shelves–good thing he loves me!

The kids and I did some work in their workbooks the last two days as well. I keep saying we’ll get a bit more serious with their work, but I rarely do. As we don’t do workbooks very often, when we do start something constructive, they never fail to surprise me. Which alleviates my conscience, as it’s proof that they are learning every day with out any structured activity! Hazels reading has taken off, which is great as she still prefers to be read to so we haven’t pushed her to read at all. She even surprises herself sometimes-she has even picked up on some of the French vocabulary in her text book. She is also handling her addition and subtraction sums fairly effortlessly. Kieran has taken off with his understanding of numbers–he’s very much like Michael in that respect. He can count in almost any order you ask up to and above a hundred, and has even mastered counting by ordinal numbers into the hundreds. We went over the months of the year and other calendar related activities and they both seem to have a clear idea of what’s what. Hazel can tell time to the quarter hour now, just needs to get a bit better at time to the minute. Kieran can tell the hour and the half-hour now.

Today was a quite day as well. We did the food shopping very early today. They both picked out a Halloween costume at the shop. I think we’ll have to look for another one for Hazel, hers was a bit scratchy and very similar to the one she had last year. We went to the library to return almost 30 books, but were very restrained and only left with 5 and 2 videos for me (evenings are a bit dull without Michael!). The evening was pizza in the living room while watching Strictly Come Dancing. We all called in our votes–Kieran voted for Matt and Flavia, Hazel for Kelly and Brendan and I voted for Alesha and Matt–I thought she looked like she was having a great time doing the Jive. We’ll have to wait to see who goes through, and hope Kieran doesn’t get upset. He cried when Stephanie was voted off last week!

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