At 6:58am this morning…

I was asked, “But Mom, how do we make people?” by Kieran as he literally woke up. Now, he didn’t wake in his bed and lay there contemplating deep thoughts for awhile and then come to my room and ask me this great question. No—he was in bed with me when this occurred. He tends to end up sleeping more towards my feet some times when he’s in with us. As he woke this morning he just literally righted himself in the bed, cuddled in and asked this question all within 5 seconds of wakening. Really makes you wonder what they are thinking about when they are fast asleep. I like that he used the ‘But Mom’ in the beginning of the sentence, almost like he was continuing with a discussion in a dream!

Hazel must have just woken up at the same time so she joined the two of us (while Michael was asleep in K’s bed) for an early morning discussion on human anatomy. Mind you—he didn’t ask where babies come from, no, he really wanted to know how the developmental process of a person occurred. How do we go from an egg to a person? Do the legs or arms come first, why aren’t they there to begin with, how does the baby eat, how do we know this, how can these things happen, how, how, how! 7am is not the best time to ask me most questions, never mind human biology and medical technology! Hopefully I satisfied his curiosity enough for now though I don’t think they’ll suffice for very long. Human Biology 101 here we come! Isn’t it amazing how their brains work?

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