Lacock Abbey

On Sunday we decided to visit Lacock Abbey and village. The blurb in the National Trust book made it look like a good place to visit, and it was. The Abbey has been turned into a family home and a very nice one. It isn’t richly decorated by any stretch of the imagination and the family still live there in the upstairs quarters. The house really had my imagination going—I wanted to know where all the hidden passages lead to—I really enjoy old homes that have a hint of mystery to them. The rooms just kept leading you on and on, and there was always a door you couldn’t go in. I’ve never seen so many ‘private’ signs in a house like that before—it made me even more curious.

The cloisters were old and looked it. They haven’t been revamped which is probably a money earner for the house as movies such as Harry Potter have been filmed there. The rooms didn’t have anything in them so we didn’t spend much time there.

The museum was very good. One of the former tenants was one of the founding pioneers in photography– W. H. Fox Talbot. This played in nicely with the kids Badgers badge for the term—they are earning their Arts and Craft badge and are focusing on photography at the moment. They enjoyed the old cameras and the exhibit of portrait photography. We have just started reading excerts from ‘Winnie the Pooh’ to the children and I was delighted to see a photo of A.A. Milne and Christopher Milne. I don’t think the kids have really put it together yet—but one day!

After we visited the buildings we had a walk through the gardens, which are extensive and have a decent variety of trees. I showed/helped the kids to climb up onto a high branch for the first time. I think they enjoyed it.
One of my great pleasures as a child was jumping up to grab the lowest branch on our beech tree and ‘walking’ up the tree to sit on that branch and read. We also visited the garden and glass house area. There was a visitor’s book in the lean to and Hazel wanted to write her name in it–so both of the kids put their name in it. Hazel also mentioned liking the sunflowers. Hopefully we’ll go back in a year or so and they can look for their names. We then headed into the village—and if/when you get there you will see why so many films are made there—it was like stepping back in time. It was very quaint and I enjoyed the oldness of it, especially as it was a real living village. We had some cakes at the bakery before heading home.

Monday was fairly quite with Victoria round. They played as they do and I tidied up a bit for the week. We were pleased to see the return of Nature’s Calendar and watched that before the kids bedtime. Hazel is so looking forward to Autumn Watch- I won’t be able to miss it or she’ll be so upset with me.

Today was also a quiet one—the kids played and worked on their Hama kits some more which meant I had a few more to iron. Now, just what do we do with them all?

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