Back into our Routine

All of the kid’s classes have started back-up, so we’ve had a full week. Monday started at about half-eight when Victoria arrived. The kids are 100% involved in babysitting her—and they feel 100% responsible for her at times. The funny thing is, they are a bit slow to catch on that V is three now and can do most things on her own. We took it easy on Monday to start the week slowly. The kids spent most of the day outside playing in the tent, even having a snack and lunch outside. I was very busy and got all the laundry and ironing done. Victoria was picked up just before we had to leave for gymnastics. Tuesday was a lovely sunny day. We ran a few errands in town and bought a birthday gift and a few other bits-and-bobs. I rarely ever buy the kids little toys out of those cheap toy boxes—but I made an exception on Tuesday. Hazel had picked out a bracelet for their friend which she thought was very pretty. I decided to let her have one as well and told Kieran to pick a toy out too. Kieran chose a small plastic dinosaur finger puppet. K has not gotten too into dinosaurs yet; he likes them, but hasn’t become overly engrossed in them up to this point. This means we had no idea exactly what kind of dinosaur it was. When we get home later that day, K (all on his own initiative) went and started to look through one of his dinosaur books to find out the name of this dinosaur. I thought that was so clever of him to go and pick the proper ‘resource’ book to answer a question.

When we were done with our errands I decided we’d have another treat. We stopped by one of the fish and chip shops and just bought some chips to have for lunch at the lake. We’ve never done that before—they were quite thrilled with the idea of a take-away for lunch, especially one consisting of just chips! I was delighted to get to the lake and see that the small café counter was open as this meant I was able to have a lovely mug of tea with my chips. After we were done eating I did yet another unusual activity—I bought them feed for the ducks. Ever since Bill Oddie said not to feed the birds bread, we usually bring our own seed which is much cheaper to buy from the market than the café. Our lake has a zillion geese, which I’m not very fond of, they make me nervous. A friend of ours showed Hazel & Kieran how to stomp their feet and flap their arms to scare off the geese. This is something Kieran has taken to with wild abandon, he has no idea that this really won’t scare off a huge group of them and that they may still bite. He just barrels through them with gusto, leaving me a nervous wreck. We decided to walk around the lake and stop at various spots and try to feed the ducks in the reeds. It was a nice walk round with plenty to see and chat about, even though we’ve done this walk a hundred times. After our walk we stopped off in the adventure playground for a play before heading home to put some groceries away.

Wednesday was recorder class and a class-mates birthday party afterwards. The children usually get together after class for a play in the park, so the little girl’s mom decided to have a small party in the park as we all live quite far from each other. Obviously that needed decent weather, so everyone had their fingers crossed. We were very lucky and the rain held off—mostly! It started to drizzle ever so little just after we got to the park, but all was saved when one of the other moms had a great idea—let’s move the party to the fir tree. As there was no other shelter we all grabbed everything and high-tailed it over to the tree. This fir tree is very large and provided us with a lovely party room. We were able to spread four blankets out, taking up less than a quarter of the space under the tree. It was great fun. The kids ate, climbed the tree and played passed the parcel and hadn’t noticed it had stopped raining! They then had a treasure hunt outside and some more games. The only down side was we could only get one candle lit and not six. It will most definitely be a fondly remembered party.

After the party we dashed back to town for Hazel’s appointment at the hairdressers. We had about three inches taken off, and she looks lovely!

Thursday morning we decided to get to the lake again for another play before the rain. A friend of ours and her two girls met us there and we had about a 45 minute play before we had to retreat to our house due to the rain. The kids played and we chatted and then I made lunch for everyone. They left at two as the little one needed a nap and the older three need some quiet time before French class. We all met up again about 3:30 for a quick play before class. After class we did the mad-dash home to make some pasta for a quick dinner before they had to leave for Badgers. Michael was home on time to bring them over, giving me an hour to tidy up from the day. Isn’t it amazing how much you can get done when no one else is home?

Friday morning was spent having a ‘normal’ visit from Carole & Victoria. It was nice to be able to have a chat as with her job and all the kids activities we don’t get to see too much of Carole. We all had a fairly early lunch as V had gym class at 1pm. The kids and I all had an hour in our beds after they left as I think we were all getting a bit tired from the week. My problem was I was up till about 1am the night before—one of these days I’ll learn! We then got ready for Hazels ballet. We had a quick walk round the market and stopped off for something for their dinner at the shop. I was glad they had their rest as that meant they could stay up and see Michael for a bit. He worked late every night except Thursday and they were missing him.

Saturday was one of those lovely quite days. Michael took the kids to Kieran’s ballet class and to get Kieran’s hair cut, and I did a few things round here. When they got home the kids started on some Hama bead kits we got last year for their birthdays! Hazel has been asking all week so I had it ready when she walked in the door. After lunch they dropped me off in town to get my hair done. While I was at my appointment they went and climbed Beacon Hill. They also picked some blackberries on the hill on their way up. Michael was impressed by their walking as they could keep up with him. He was even prouder of the fact that my son just ran down the hill with his sister in tow. They are definitely his kids! When they picked me up I was immediately given a lovely pair of earrings—a wonderful surprise. When we got home we all made some baked potato skins for dinner, and I have to say they were quite good. We then spent the evening finishing up a few Hama projects before we put the kids to bed. Hazel is very excited as it’s the Autumnal equinox this weekend. She really enjoys welcoming in the new seasons and saying goodbye to the old. She has a lovely sense of nostalgia, one I hope she never loses. I joined the Woodland Trust and sent away for the children autumn packs—so they’ll be getting those in the morning which means I have a good idea what we’ll be doing next week!

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