Look at that—two posts in two days—that has to be a record for me. We had such a nice day today I wanted to blog about it right away. The day started with two tired grown-ups! We stayed up far too late and I was kept up a bit later as Kieran decided at 2am that I and only I would do. Michael escaped, while I took awhile to 1) Get Kieran to sleep and 2) Tried to escape his grasp—he won’t let go of my face or neck most times making it hard to sleep. We didn’t let our tiredness deter us though. Knowing it was going to be a nice day we knew we were going to go out for the day after Kieran’s ballet class.

I had originally wanted to go to London, but the garden I wanted to see was closed for the weekend—so Avebury won. I really enjoy Avebury. I know Stonehenge is a complete Neolithic circle—but Avebury is older, grander, has a much more beautiful surrounding and just seems like it was a spectacular place in its day. They also have a nice tea room and two small, but interesting museums that have plenty of activities to keep the kids busy. I highly recommend it! We had a lovely wander around—while watching out for all the sheep droppings! I can’t believe I forgot about that and wore flip-flops—H & K thought that it was funny and were pointing out unique poos!

When we were walking down from the parking lot Hazel remembered a photo of herself and Kieran taken in the phone box on the main street and wanted to know if it was still there. It was-which of course meant we had another photo taken. My how they’ve grown—yet they are still so similar.

Kieran and Hazel practically ran around the circuit. Kieran even managed to go down one of the steep embankments by himself—he was mighty proud of himself.
They do enjoy it there and are becoming very knowledgeable about the stones. They noticed that some of the stones felt cold while others felt warm; they wanted to know how the stones were lifted and why they were knocked down and then put up again. The kids are also really enjoying museums in that they look for exhibits that interest them, and especially get excited when they realize they know what an exhibit is about.

The other highlight of the day was Michael bursting with pride about Hazel’s reading abilities. While at ballet today Michael had a chat with another dad whose daughter has just started school. Michael was explaining how HE works for us, when without any prompting Hazel comes over to read a Topsy and Tim book to Michael. She was almost spot on—which delighted and surprised Michael. She hasn’t read anything other than early reader books to him so far, so he was taken back a bit at how quickly her reading has come on. Another case of HE speaking volumes for itself. That was Michael’s second conversation about HE this week—he’s such a firm supporter of it and I think he likes explaing why we’ve chosen to home-educate the children.

One of the things I missed out on in the last post was that the 5th of September was a very special day here. Firstly—it was my 7 year anniversary here in the UK. But most importantly, it would have been the day when Hazel would have started school if we lived in the states. I just couldn’t imagine sending her—it’d break my heart. I’m glad that she is thriving and that we are the ones who will be nurturing her during her youth and hopefully instilling a life-long love of learning.

Tonight she read a whole My First Little House book, The Deer in the Wood–I don’t know who was the proudest among the three of us!
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