Nasty Mosquitos

We started the month with a small medical drama for Kieran. The night we came home from Blenheim Palace, the 29th, Kieran started to fuss a couple of hours after he had gone to bed. Turns out he has two nasty bumps on his foot-one near his ankle and one midway on the inside of his foot. Now, he’s the type to over-react to most hurts lately so we didn’t know exactly what happened as he didn’t react to anything all day, but we assumed it was a bug bite. I put some Witch Hazel on it and settled him back down. So the week goes on and it’s sore but not bothersome. Then a week afterwards, after playing in a sandpit in the daytime, he starts calling out in pain from his bed. We get him and find that his foot is twice the normal size and there is most definitely something attacking the bites. We ended up going to the night surgery—much to Kieran and Hazels delight!- and the doctor confirmed it was definitely an infection and prescribed an antibiotic. We were then sent dashing up the road to the chemist before they closed at midnight—which also delighted my two! They thought it was great fun driving around at midnight in the dark! When we got home Hazel decided midnight was the best time to look for hedgehogs, so we indulged her for a bit. All the running around distracted Kieran from his foot and I think the Calpol I gave him helped with the pain. As he’s never had penicillin before I kept him up for awhile afterwards just in case he had a reaction. Boy, were we tired the next day!

The bite on his foot developed into a large and nasty blister during the day, so I booked him into our GP for the next morning. Which was a good thing as he was up in the night in pain for a couple of hours again. I didn’t want to pop it while it was infected without getting an ok—which he said was the thing to do. After his bath that’s what I did—and had to do it all again the next day! Nasty blister! Kieran was quite brave and didn’t fuss while I did it—Hazel really dislikes things like that and won’t watch! The bites settled down over the weekend and we finished his medicine today, hopefully the nasty sores will heal completely soon.

He was ok to walk on it on Saturday, and by Tuesday of this week he could wear sneakers (trainers—just for you Jax) with a blister plaster. As he was ok—I took the kids to a Common not too far from us. We’ve only been there once with Michael last spring but Hazel hasn’t stopped talking about it so I thought it was about time I brought her back. As I don’t generally take them places like that on my own—this was a big deal round here. I’m always worried about one of us getting hurt and me not being strong enough to carry them—but they’re old enough now to help out if something goes wrong—which means we’ll be heading out to the woods more often. The common has a good cycle path—but we like to wander through the woods and the side paths. We all brought our binoculars and only really used them to spy on a family up a hill from us! I couldn’t find the look-out tower, which was why we really brought them, maybe next time I’ll check the map first!

We had a really good time. We wandered along the main path then went on a few of the side paths. They were happy to see some of the Exmoor ponies—though they (and I—I have a fear of not being able to protect them as well! Sometimes I sound like a complete ninny!) were a bit nervous walking by six of them. The kids wanted to know if they would do something to us—and I said (and hoped!) that if we just all stay quite and ignore them we could walk past them and they probably wouldn’t budge. The funny thing was—the ponies looked as if that’s what they were doing! They all stood still, turned their heads from the path, but kept one eye on us, and when we passed they left! The kids really enjoyed playing on a fallen tree the last time—and we found it again. They had a good ramble round it while I tried to adjust my binoculars and enjoyed the sunshine—see what happens when all the other kids go to school—we get sunshine! On the way back to the car—Kieran got bitten by four mosquito’s! He only noticed one—which was a good thing as he reacted very badly to that one. The four bites look just like the ones on his foot, which confirms our suspicions that they were mosquito bites. Poor Kieran, but luckily enough he has been on the antibiotics, so hopefully these ones won’t get infected. I don’t think we’ll go back till it’s a bit colder out!

Last Friday was the start-up of the kid’s activities. I think I was the only one dreading it—I like when we have no time tables! Hazel had her ballet and was very happy indeed. She needs some new shoes, and Kieran probably will as well, but I won’t know till tomorrow morning when he tries the old ones on! Monday was gymnastics, Wednesday was recorder, and Thursday was French and Badgers, Ballet again today for H and tomorrow for K. We have had a full week! Recorder class was very funny—it was one of those non-stop-chatting-to-each-other-on-their-first-day-back scenes. Hazel was over the moon to be asked to one of the girl’s birthday parties—which will be in the park after class. As we all go to the park after class her mom though it would be fun to have some treats and games set up in the park for all the kids—let’s hope they get some good weather!

We haven’t been up to too much lately. The kids have been playing as usual—the newest thing is camping and maybe one of these days they’ll stay dressed while playing and I can post a photo or two! Michael is, unusually, very busy at work and putting in lots of extra time. He’s had one of those ‘Eureka!’ moments at work and is quite happily trying to prove his findings—though the kids and I miss him around all the time, it’s nice to see him enjoying this moment.

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