Bank Holiday Recap

We had planned to go away to Kent for a couple of nights this weekend, but neither of us was really in the mood for it. We decided to stay home and possibly do a few outings. Well, that came down to one outing—on Saturday we finally took the kids to Didcot Railway Centre. They really enjoyed it! It was a wonderfully warm and sunny day (believe it or not!) and the centre had very few people there. They were having a Victorian weekend so we thought it’d be a bit more crowded, so the upside was we had plenty of rides on the three trains running that day. Now, unlike most boys, Kieran isn’t into Thomas the Tank Engine. The first time he saw a clip of the programme, he went into hysterics when the train talked—and has never shown any interest since! We have always steered away from commercialized toys and wouldn’t have purchased any of the toys even if he did like it. So it was nice to see them both just having fun exploring the old trains. We brought a picnic lunch and were there for a few hours, wishing we had gotten there earlier as they would have liked a few more train rides. They both liked the shadow puppet show and had fun talking to the conductors.

The rest of the weekend was highly unusual for us—we stayed home! And what was even more unusual than that was—we didn’t fill the two days with endless projects, and even odder for this summer–it was sunny! Ok, after saying all that, Michael did prune our lilac tree out back.

The kids put all the tree clippings to good use—they built their 1st den.

The lilac tree is my favourite tree, and was what really set the boundary when we did our extension and rear patio—the build could only go back till we were almost at her roots! I couldn’t stop watching the builders when they were digging next to the tree—they still remember all my ‘watch the lilac tree’ cries. I bet they are looking forward to doing our front garden wall—because I have a young lilac tree, from the back garden tree, right on the opposite side of the wall!

So other than the big pruning job, we just lazed about, read and had a few barbecues. The kids and Michael went shopping on Sunday on their secret shopping mission! Hazel and Kieran are bursting at the seams in anticipation of my birthday—which has made the last few days very entertaining. Kieran hasn’t spilt the beans yet—which is rather amazing for him—and sad at the same time. It’s hard to believe they are now old enough to plan things and to keep quite about them.

They went out again Monday morning for some final touches—I think anyway! When they got back Hazel harvested her purple carrots and Kieran helped me with the onions. The carrots were very delicious and we just ate them raw with some hummus that the kids and Michael made. We also baked some banana bread-yum!

Other news: Kieran has decided it’s time to write! He has been asking how to spell all sorts of words lately. On Friday afternoon he just sat down at one of their tables and just started to ask how to spell some words. We haven’t really practiced most of the letters yet, just the ones in his name and a few he has asked about. Considering that, he formed most of the letters very well on his first attempt. He also prefers lowercase letters to uppercase letters. On Sunday he wanted to write a letter to my mom—what was really nice was Hazel helped him! What she couldn’t spell she asked us, and what he couldn’t write she gave him examples. It was so wonderful for her to be helping him out, she felt and looked like such a big girl.

We made some progress regarding the decorating—the Solatube was installed last Wednesday. We are really pleased with the difference it has made in the room—it no longer feels like a cave. It is a very white light, so though it’s a bit unusual and I constantly feel like I need to turn a light off—it really does work and brightens the room. Now—time to plan the painting!

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