Ballet Weekend

The kids both had their last ballet class for the term. I’ll let the photos tell most of the story. Friday evening was Hazel’s class. The first two photos are of her & K before class. Do you like her hair? Not the most proper ballet bun, but close enough. I won’t be one of those moms in the back room who can’t do one—so I’m practising!! I know—a bit (very) sad of me, but the least I can do for her. My mom was one of those mom’s who always seemed to know how to do everything–so I’m going to try my best with at least this minor part of her life!!

The next one is of Hazel at the beginning of the class. As most of you know, both children were moved up a class this term. Hazel has done very well, as the next photos shows you.

She won the ballet award for most improved ballerina in her class. She is on par or above most of the other kids already. We were pleased for her and quite amused because she had never seen an award before and had no idea what it was all about. So she just sat there looking around not knowing what was expected or why she was given a trophy.

Saturday morning started bright and early with Kieran’s class. The 1st two photos are before class. I haven’t been told to put him in’proper’ ballet clothes yet–and I’m hoping that day doesn’t come. I love his dancing–but I just don’t think I could put a leotard on him!! The next one is of Kieran dancing. He really enjoys dancing—he smiles the whole time and puts his whole heart into it. The teacher has said he’s come on just as well as Hazel has but she doesn’t give awards till the next level. After that we went to the Childrens Food Festival. It was a good day for it—not too hot to be in all the tents. There wasn’t anything new to my two there, but they enjoyed it. They did some colouring sheets, decorated some gingerbread biscuits, made vegetable kebabs, played on real tractors, saw some farm animals and had some ice cream. Must say–the highlight of the day was Kieran’s reaction to getting into the big blue tractor. He’s desperate to own one–so it was pure joy for him to be in one!
I know—some of you are asking have we started decorating yet. Of course not—the sun’s been shining! But we might have rain in the morning, so you never know!

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