June in Review

I thought I should do a quick recap of the rest of June for posterity. The Lake District was great-but it and all the regular weekly activities weren’t all we did in June.

We started the month off with a trauma—my cousin, all of 29 years old, had an aneurysm during the third week of May. It happened while she was helping out in her older daughter’s classroom. Which of course is a blessing in disguise as she got medical help immediately, where as if she were home alone goodness knows how much time would have passed before getting help in that crucial stage. All seems ok at the moment—but the doctors are sure this and her three bouts of cancer have all been induced some way or another by her Lupus. So they need to get that under control. She had a Lumbar puncture on the 21st which was ok, but not quite good enough. We did have the pleasure of having Katelyn for a couple of days when my cousin had that done. Katelyn is really a delight- and plays well with both the kids. We bought her an airbed and she slept under Hazel’s midi-bunk bed. The kids hate bringing her home!

Some social events of the month:

Friends—they went to their HE friend George’s 5th birthday party. They had a great time and really enjoyed the tyre swing in one of the trees at the end of the large garden. I was a bit envious of the large detached house with a large garden to match—but what can you do!

They had a play date at Victoria’s house. They really enjoy going over and not always seeing her here. Carole taught them a couple of French songs to help boost their vocabulary and pronunciation a bit. They liked the songs and did fairly well.

We had Victoria for three days-the 21st, 25th and 28th. One of those days was when Katelyn was here—four kids five and under. I had a 2, 3, 4 & 5 year old at the table all at once and I liked it so much! (Mind you—I have had four or more kids to watch at one time many times in the past, though none were mine, I liked it then too!) They all played nicely together, and separately. Kieran, Katelyn & Victoria all enjoy playing on their own so there were times when they were scattered throughout the house playing independently. I just kept thinking of my mom though—she had that many kids plus a 1 year-old! I still don’t know how she got through our childhoods as a sane person! Victoria has really grown in the last few months. She has also come on in her speech—which is getting a bit easier to understand. Not that we’ve ever had trouble communicating, her English vocabulary is just growing. She has also started to play with Kieran more—she has developed a liking for toy cars!

We also went to visit Naomi & Rachel, finally. We rarely get to see each other—and it’ll be worse in September when Naomi starts school full time.

Rainbows—In our town the Rainbow movement is over subscribed. Hazel has been on the list for a year and a half and I was told that she probably wouldn’t even get into Brownies, never mind Rainbows. But- her ballet teacher, who is a Brownie volunteer, said she knew the lady in charge and that if I volunteered weekly, they’d get her in. So I said ok—though I’d prefer if Hazel was able to do it on her own. Anyway—I told Hazel we’d give it a try. Well—we went in and I wanted to grab Hazel and run when the two leaders told me we had to call them ‘Koala Bear’ and ‘Dragonfly’!! I hated Brownies and quit within weeks—and that dislike is still there! I think the scouting movement is just not for me. The activity for the day was practising for their upcoming Sports Day. Well, Hazel had never skipped rope before and that was one of the requirements. She gave me a look of ‘are these people for real’ and gave it a good effort. The highlight for me was that my daughter can walk the length of a hall and back with a bean bag on her head without the slightest of wobbles! (She was the only one.) My mom used to have us practicing with books on our heads—I couldn’t make it three steps! So the final result was—there is no way I can let either children join the scouts—it’s just not for me.

Badgers—the next group to try was the St. John’s Ambulance Badgers group. The leader said that Kieran could join as well if one of us stayed with him for insurance purposes. Michael took them the 1st week, and they all enjoyed it. The evening was spent learning some basic first aid—a worthwhile activity in my mind! So it was decided they would definitely be going back. So we will be adding that to there weekly routine this September.

HE Group—the group had a great activity on the 29th— Brenda (George’s mom) arranged a visit with their counties Fire Service for the Education Fire Engine to come to her house. Isn’t that cool! The Fireman and his assistant talked a bit about fire/burn safety and his uniform. There were about 20 kids and most of the children interacted very well with them answering and asking so many questions. There were also many questions from us grown-ups. I think we all learned a thing or two. After the talk all the kids took turns and went into the fire engine. There were benches inside and a steering wheel with a monitor that simulated one of the local cities. Hazel & Kieran both had a go at steering for our visit. When the kids were all done with the simulator, Fireman Phil set up two fake fires. All the kids had a go putting the fires out using the hose. None of them were mischievous enough to squirt any of us. Another family and the three of us had all brought a packed lunch so we could stay on and have a play. It was a good day. The kids like this group so much that I’ve had to tell Carole I could only watch Victoria on Mondays from now on, I don’t want them to miss out playing with this group.

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