April in New Jersey

When we booked our flight last autumn, Michael wanted to leave on Good Friday, so as not to waste a paid day off—though I wanted to go out the next day—the 7th of April. I thought it’d be the height of romance if we arrived in Newark Airport on the 7th, as it would have been the 7th Anniversary of the 1st time we met in person—which was at the airport. We had our 1st kiss on an escalator—so I can always say the earth moved when we 1st kissed. Anyway—his practicality won—but in the end, fate and romanticism won out!

On the 6th we got to Heathrow on time—to face a queue of what seemed like hundreds of people. But we were pleasantly surprised by the Virgin Atlantic staff-which let us go to a separate line for families—everyone with children was given priority—very nice indeed. We were also given the same courtesy at all of the security check-points—very nice way to start our day of travelling. So, we pass through everything very quickly, to find out we had a three-hour delay! Well, we sit and read, wander around the shops have a snack—to find out our delay will be another hour. In the end, we had a 7 hour delay in all! I have to say our two were wonderful the whole time—and so were the other children waiting all day with us. We didn’t board the plane till 10pm! So, as you guessed, the delay meant we didn’t get to Newark until 1am on the 7th—I had my romantic moment! So that was the start of my visit to introduce the kids to my old ‘home’, which I hadn’t seen for almost seven years.

The 1st thing we did on the Saturday after we got ready was to visit my sisters, where my mom was staying for the week. It was wonderful to see her and my step-father again. It was his 1st trip to NJ in 14 years, and that was to see my two. We had a nice visit with everyone.

Sunday morning was Easter and the kids had a quick Easter egg hunt in the room, and they enjoyed the treats in their baskets. After we were ready we headed to my best friends house—it was as if time had stood still and I had only seen her the day before. Well—that’s not entirely true—as her sons were teen-agers back then—and they are now true, bona-fide, very handsome men! It was the highlight of the trip—finally introducing my two to Joan! We had a fairly short visit as we were due at my sisters.

So the next three weeks goes as follows, not including all the shopping trips and restaurants!:

9th Natural History Museum NYC with my mom. She wanted a NYC hotdog for lunch— so they had that and I had a pretzel—very nice!

10th To Joans! We had a diner breakfast did some shopping, had some lunch and chatted the whole day!

11th Imagine That with my mom, lunch at Molly Malone’s and then had dinner at Mrs. Underhills—our favourite next door neighbour while growing up.

12th To Mystic Connecticut for two days. Visited: Mystic Seaport; Mystic Aquarium; Mystic Pizza
14th To Cape Cod—but as a NorEaster was coming in—we stayed one night and headed back to NJ the next day in the storm! Stopped off at my sisters in time for a roast lamb dinner!

17th Visited Joan for the day and all went to the Pennsylvania Candle Factory.

18th Crayola Factory & Canal Museum (Best trip)

19th Trip to see where my dad used to work Rods Steak House, and the Morris Museum
20th Space Farms—worst ever zoo—was aweful
21st Speedwell Lake ; Avaiation Hall of Fame ; Liberty State Park
23nd Sandy Hook Beach

24th To Joans and a day at the local parks
25th Cousin Jonnie’s baseball game
26th Bushkill Falls Pennsylvania

27th Brought flowers to my dads grave and sang Happy Birthday in honour of what would have been his 70th birthday.
28th Headed home.

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