Hello again!

It has been ages since I blogged last. I won’t try and catch up on everything, as I think that would take ages for me to come up with and ages for you to read!

March was a busy month. We had all our usual activities, some nice play dates with our usual friends and their cousins, plus our preparation for our trip to New Jersey (my former home).

Some highlights for March were:

We went to a small play put on by one of our local HE groups. It was good fun and my two enjoyed it. Kieran only got upset by one part—a part which I thought was quite funny. It was fun to see everyone for a bit.

I was excited at the time thinking we’d be able to go to that group now that I’m not as anxious about driving there and that Kieran wasn’t having his gym class on Fridays anymore—to find out the next Thursday that Hazel could move up a ballet class—which is Friday afternoons! So that was major ballet news—both children were moved up—which Hazel especially needed, and Kieran proved today that he was ready as well. He was also bumped up to Hazel’s gymnastics class—and is doing well!

Mothers Day was very nice— I got some lovely cards and plenty of chocolates to share—and after the washing machine died that morning we went shopping for a new one—which arrived two weeks later.

We had a weekend get-away up north to visit the in-laws. All was well and the kids enjoyed themselves. They had fun playing with their cousin Jamie in his room—a new world was open to them—transformers and Magnetics! They are on our current list of things to get when the time is right! Though we did get Kieran a transformer in the states.

The children had their first routine dental visits. Both have very clean, healthy teeth—which I knew anyway! She said Hazel will probably lose her bottom teeth first as there was a bit of movement, though we are going to have to wait almost a year for the big event. I just hope she handles it well—unlike me! I hated every moment of losing my teeth. She has that fear of Father Christmas entering the house—so I think a tooth fairy coming in the house to her pillow would send her screaming—so I’ll have to come up with a plan! Possibly leave the tooth box on the front porch.

At the end of the month we went over to a new friends house. Mia is 6 and is in their gym class. We met her mother and younger brother Kia (3) at a mother/toddler group a couple of years ago. Mikako is from Japan and seems very nice. Anyway—the girls hit it off right away in class—which is good considering Mia’s friends from school are in the class as well. Kieran and Kia got on well together as well—it’s nice to know a brother/sister pair! Mia was insistent on a play date which was finally arranged. We’ll definitely do it again when our schedules permit—they had a great time. Mia is a bit of a story-teller, something my two haven’t come across before—so it’ll be interesting to see how they handle it. They already believe that the Choir Boys group are her older brothers and I can’t sway Hazel with the truth! Oh well—she’ll have to learn that in her own time.

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