Sexism is alive and well!

I don’t know where I’ve gone wrong! I bought her trucks and cars and balls. I painted her room yellow with bright coloured curtains. He has four baby dolls and a pushchair and a baby doll bed. He feeds dolls and changes their nappies, he has tea parties. And yet—what do they have planned for the future? Well, it seems that Hazel is going to stay home with me and cook and clean and garden, while Kieran is going to go to work with daddy. And even though he’ll miss her very much and is already telling her he’s sorry about having to leave her to go to work—it’ll all be ok, cause he’ll come home for dinner, which she has cooked for him!!! Where did I go wrong???????? Though I do love that he is worried she’ll miss him when he goes to work in about 15 years time!
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