WOW!!! It’s Gorgeous!

Which was Kieran’s response to seeing the snow this morning!

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw that ‘whiteness’ which could only mean snow–was I excited! It’s the 1st snow in awhile–and I’ve been missing it lately. Just never feels like winter here. But my only thought was that I hoped Hazel could see it before the guys did! Hazel has been desperate for snow! She has been asking almost everyday if it’s going to snow. She has even decided that we will spend next Christmas in NJ so she could have snow for her birthday. Anyway–it worked out well today. Kieran did wake up first but just came into bed with me and snuggled till Hazel woke up. She came in about 20 minutes later and so I asked her to open the curtains for me. Her response was priceless! I was so happy she saw it like that–makes it more special! Kieran was genuinely impressed–he didn’t really remember what snow was like.

So they had a quick breakfast–Hazel said they could only have porridge as they’d need something warm before they went out. So we all headed out, at 8am, and had a snowball fight until they were too wet to go on. Then they had their 1st hot chocolate. Kieran wan’t very keen on that, though Hazel really liked it!

All total–it was less than an inch of snow and was gone by noon. So it was a normal snow for us–just enough for us all to enjoy it and feel like we’ve had a winter!

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