Busy Days

Ok—now that I’ve finished blogging about the end of last year—I’ll start on this year! So far in January—we only have three Sundays left on the calendar without an activity—all the other days are full. After our week together, Michael went back to work on the 2nd and the kids’ activities started on the 4th. On the 3rd we went shopping for new ballet slippers and tap shoes for both of the kids. It’s amazing how much it all costs!!

Ballet– Kieran started back on the 4th and enjoyed getting back to the class. Hazel started on Saturday and was very excited to see the girls again. I still think we need to find her a better class—but it’ll have to wait till September, as we’ll be away for most of the spring term.

French class– started back on the 4th as well. Both kids received a glowing report after their 1st three classes—and I’m sure they’ll get another one. They are both using different French words through-out the day whenever they can. Hazel can count to 10 in French—and Kieran is just about there with his numbers. Now I just need to learn a bit and try and keep up with them!

Gymnastics– Kieran was supposed to start on the 5th—but I was just not up to it. I was just over a fever and not in the mood to assist him on uneven bars. So he was very good about it and didn’t fuss. Michael was out last week as he was out of sorts as well—but he did take him this past Friday. Kieran was able to show the teacher that he can stand up without using his hands or knees. Hazel’s class started last Monday. She has progressed a bit, though I find I like it better when I don’t watch! I get so nervous when they do gymnastics. I was glad to see her and another girl chatting when they were waiting in line. One of the new boys was being very pesky to them and I think they handled it well. They just kept moving away from him, and kept their eye on him.

Victoria– We started to watch Victoria again this past Tuesday. We will now do it as an all day affair. They’ve decided not to use the other sitter they had as Victoria always seemed very reluctant to go there. So instead her dad will take all day Monday off and work the rest of the week and we’ll watch V all day Tuesday. It’s a longer day and feels more like a ‘job’, but it does pay for all of the kids activities.

Recorder class– After many months of not knowing when/if Hazel and/or Kieran could join the HE Recorder class I found, we finally started. I did have to resort to a very irate email to get some action- but it worked. Though the administrative staff would still not give me the go ahead for Kieran as he’s just turned 4, and they prefer them to start at 5. Since I knew other mom’s had gotten their 4 year olds in, I knew I just had to talk to the teacher. So, the 1st class was this past Wednesday, and we all went, basically making an outing out of it! It’s a few towns away and I do like it when Michael comes the 1st time—so I can find it and he can see what the class is like. The teacher was very nice and said Kieran could sit in and try it. By the end of class he was added to the register! So they are both starting to learn a musical instrument—yet another thing I can’t do! We had gone to the little music shop in town to buy the recorders—I always told him I’d buy there 1st instruments from him. He’s always great about letting them come in the shop and play with the instruments.

Socialization– We haven’t done to much outside of the classes, as I haven’t been too well. Hazel attended her first birthday party of a classmate, rather than a family friend. It was in a hall and they had hired an entertainer/magician type of guy. So the first thing that happened after Hazel and I got there was I was asked to lead them in a Congo-style line dance. Just what I wanted to do in front of a bunch of strangers! Well—I had the easy one—another mom had to do animal actions—even getting down on the floor to be a snake. The whole party was dominated by the entertainer—so not much interaction among the 30 kids there. It’s definitely not Hazel’s cup of tea—but she did make the most of it.

We finally went round on Friday to Carole & Victoria’s new house. We just went for a couple of hours in the morning. The kids had fun, and Kieran didn’t want to leave at first—even to go to gymnastics.

Yesterday was Katelyn’s 3rd birthday party. Lorraine invited the family and just two of the local kids round. It was a fun afternoon, and all the kids played nicely. Good news—her tumour has somehow or another disappeared. The doctors think it’s a combo of the chemo and her Lupus. They think the Lupus eats it—weird, yet wonderful. So she only has two more treatments to go. Anyway, after the party we came home for a quick dinner and then went food shopping in the evening as both kids napped in the car on the way home.

Today was supposed to be a clean-the-house day—but the sun had other ideas. It was so lovely that we couldn’t not go out—so we went for a walk along the canal in town. After our stroll (the kids brought their strollers along!) along the canal we popped into a few shops. The last stop was a Cornish pasty shop where we bought some lunch to eat in the park. As they were told they could have a play in the playground when they were done—they ate quickly! Trust me—it’s rare, unless we are eating cake, for Hazel to finish eating anything first!

After our morning out, we came home and had a leisurely couple of hours. The kids rode their bikes out front for a bit and we chatted to our neighbours about their holiday in Australia. Then Michael and I started to prepare a casserole for dinner. During this I was washing all the bed linen and wanted to get the kids rooms cleaned. Well-we ended up moving things, dismantling a wardrobe, moving a bookshelf upstairs with all the kids books in tow, rearranged Kieran’s room—and just generally worked non-stop till we put the kids to bed at almost 9pm! Though I’m tired, I’m glad it’s done—as is this blog update! I’m off to take some medicine and head up to bed.

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