Man in the Moon

A week ago Monday (the 6th)—Kieran found the Man in the Moon! I have always loved the moon. When I was a child I was convinced when we were out driving at night time that the moon was following us. He was my friend, and so long as he was watching, we’d get home safely. Now, I know that’s not so—but part of me still wants it to be that way. So, I have never tried to influence the kids with my thoughts or feelings about the moon, and have never pointed out that it appears to have a face. I like to wait for them to come to their own conclusions about things. They have my day-time delight in finding it—I still get a kick every time I see the moon, and they also have that fever! But as we are seldom out at night, the actual night sky is a bit daunting for my two. They have been adjusting to it slowly now as the nights are darker earlier. Lately, when we are out at night—Kieran has stated my thoughts—‘the moon’s following us’ or ‘the moon’s playing hide-and-seek with us’. So last Monday after Hazel’s 1st ‘real’ gymnastic class, as we were walking to the car—Kieran had his revelation. He just stopped and was so excited when he yelled: ‘Mommy, the moon has a face!’ Yeah—another believer!! I know there is tons of scientific research about the moon, and yes I’m married to a man who takes Astro-physics courses for the fun of it, but I’m pleading ignorance to all the facts, and am going to continue living with the moon and his mystique!

Recap of the past week or so:

To start with—Michael’s birthday was a fun day. The treasure hunt wasn’t very hard for him, as though Kieran didn’t tell him what we got him–he did tell him where they all were. So a bit of an improvement for Kieran! After breakfast we headed to a science centre which we’ve been meaning to go to. It was really good, and we ended up getting a family membership. Though the kids didn’t understand much of what they saw, they were really intrigued and wanted to see one exhibit after the other. After that we headed into town for a fish and chip lunch, and then home to make pizza for dinner and celebratory iced buns.

We’ve had all the usual kid activities, plus the start of ‘gymnastics proper’ for Hazel. She was very excited to go and was asking all day about it. She insisted on wearing an ice-skating dress outfit my sister got her, with track-suit bottoms. A bit of a comical look with the skirt over the trousers—but she’s cute and can carry anything off! I was a bit surprised when class was about to start and I told her Kieran and I were going to the parents room—she got upset and didn’t want me to. It lasted all of two minutes, but it was a shock, she’s always handled new environments well. She likes to show how independent she can be and usually shoos me away. When she is in a new environment she usually holds back a bit and observes everything, and will join in when she’s ready. This, as I was watching the whole time from an upstairs room, was what she did, and enjoyed herself. The bonus for me was that one of the moms there used to bring her little one to a mother-toddler group we used to go to. It’s the 1st time I’ve known someone in the waiting room.

Last Thursday after Kieran’s ballet class, we headed into town. I have to say, it’s the 1st time in ages the three of us did that. We went to the play area in the park and they had the run of the place with a few other kids. Then we headed over to the library where I finally paid my massive fee—so big Michael would faint if he knew how much! He has no clue how I can not get things back on time to a library—I say it’s just bred into me, and anyone who knows my mom would agree! We then went to our favourite little canal shop and had tea cakes and some tea for me. Then we headed back to the playground for another play, and then home. We’ll have to do that more often, they really enjoy that playground.

Michael has been busy around the house. He moved about 5 tons of soil from the back garden to the front garden. When we had the new brick drive put in last year, it was above the current front gardens grass level by almost four inches. We knew the level needed to be raised, but as with everything else—it had to wait it’s turn to be tended to. We knew we were going to tier the back garden and would have plenty of soil left to shift to the front garden. Unfortunately, the summer wasn’t conducive as the ground was rock hard. So, as the weather has been fine, it was time to tackle that job. His first job though was to lift a good section of bricks and bash them back into place with the rest of the drive as they had started to separate. It only took most of the last two weekends for him to shift that much dirt on his own—so I’d say that was a job well done!

.As to the rest of the house—we are the slowest people on earth to decorate after a build. It takes forever for us to make any decisions—and I’m the worst, as I only want what I like—and I never know what that is until I see it. We also have major problems agreeing on things! Then I have the added bonus of having Murphy’s Law on my side. I have had problems with every item I’ve purchased for delivery–either they are late, wrong items sent, broken, ripped fabrics, smelly couches, wrong models, discontinued items—and I promise you—that is not an exaggeration. Every stick of furniture in this house has been bought since I’ve been here—and except for the three pieces we’ve bought and brought home that moment directly from the store—all of the above nightmare scenarios has applied. So it came as no surprise after months of deliberating and shopping—when we finally settled on a laminate for the living room floors—they’ve discontinued the style we wanted! ARGHHHH!!!! Back to the drawing board! Wish us luck!

Well—to end the tale—I’ve been suffering with my first cold in a year. Unfortunately, Michael has come down with it now, and the kids are also starting to struggle with it. As we were supposed to watch Victoria tomorrow, I called her mom to see if she wanted to cancel as Victoria is highly susceptible to ear infections. But Hazel reasoned that there was no need to call Carole—because I could go to my room and shut my door and keep the germs with me, and she and Kieran could take care of Victoria for Carole! Ah, she’s not even five yet!!

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