Hazel Can Spell!

This morning Hazel decided to get some pictures she has drawn & coloured ready to send to Michael’s parents. Usually I date and label them–but today Hazel wanted to do it herself. So she blew me away today by spelling, ‘pram’, ‘shed’ & ‘baby’ all by herself–and with very moderate help from me she did ‘flower’, ‘diamond’ and ‘pattern’–not two everyday words. Isn’t that great? We’ve hardly done any phonics so far. I’m not a fan of the new method of teaching the children the alphabet by the sounds, rather than their names. So I know she knew some of the basic sounds–I was just stunned when she wrote them by herself. Then she sounded out the words for numbers 1-10. Eight was obviously a hard one, and some were easy guesses–but the logic was there. Watching them develop like this on a daily basis is so amazing!

Edited on 25th October to add–After I wrote the above section–Kieran decided to write his name. So far he has been able to do a ‘K’, ‘B’ and ‘I’–so yesterday he did all the letters in his name–his ‘N”s were great!

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