The delay in blogs has been due to yet another breakdown by the computer. It’s finally up and running this past week–so keep your fingers crossed that we won’t need the ‘computer man’ to come over again.

We are growing a butterfly! The kids are great at finding and bringing in any bugs they find—except slugs, they are off limits! Kieran keeps finding the green caterpillars and bringing them in—calling them all Sammy, as he thinks they are all the first caterpillar he found this summer. Anyway, a few days ago I noticed a caterpillar on the kitchen ceiling, so I told Kieran that Sammy had come back. The next thing we know Sammy has built himself a cocoon. So hopefully within two weeks we’ll have a pet butterfly.

Last night was a miserable night for Kieran, and therefore Michael & I had a bad night. At bedtime he had a terrible stomach bug and was so sick. It went on till just after 10:30pm. While he was sleeping, he was all over the bed which kept me awake. He woke up at 4am, and just quietly got out of bed and walked into the spare room to tell Michael he wanted some water, and told him exactly which cup he wanted it in. Smart kid, he knew I wasn’t going to go anywhere. He drank all his water, but I couldn’t get him back to sleep till about 5am. It was a clear night, so it was the first time in a long time I could show him the stars. Luckily Hazel was ok through the night, but she seemed a bit iffy today.

Kieran didn’t regain an appetite today, so though he’s over the worst, I don’t think it’s totally passed. Michael went to the recycling centre mid-morning, but only took Kieran as Hazel wasn’t feeling up to it. Instead she and I spent some time together doing meal prep for the day. For lunch she prepared all the potatoes for baking: salted and peppered them and then wrapped them all in foil. Then she grated the cheese for the baked potatoes. We cleaned up after that, and then she helped me make some pizza dough—her choice for dinner. She is very helpful and really enjoys helping in the kitchen. She also set the table for lunch and dinner. I’d have to say—she basically made lunch all by herself.

Kieran and Hazel both created a pizza each. They chose tomatoes, ham and mozzarella cheese. Hazel is so into patterns, which was evident in her pizza. She lined the whole outside of her pizza in a ham/cheese pattern. The tomatoes were done with cheese in same way in the centre of the pizza. Kieran just put things on in a random fashion, but did it with care. They were both delicious, and the only thing Kieran ate for most of the day. Very unlike Kieran.

On Saturday we went to town and finally bought the kids new sneakers/trainers. They had both actually gone through their last pairs. Hazel had to wear a pair of small dress shoes to the shop as the bottom had come off her one trainer on Thursday. So we gladly let them wear the new trainers out of the shop, and let the clerk trash the old ones. This has been the first time I haven’t been able to pass a pair of shoes on to the charity bin—which I would only do if I would still let my kids wear them if they had still fit them. They usually just outgrow everything so quickly, they rarely wear anything out.

Michael took the day off on Friday and took the kids to town to the market, and then to their music class. We skipped the last gymnastics class of the term as Kieran wasn’t feeling very good—which of course explains Saturday night. So instead of gymnastics, we did some gardening out back and after dinner they helped me make zucchini bread (Thanks Anne!) with our last zucchini’s from the allotment. Hazel had been after me for over a week to make some—so she finally got her baking moment. After they were in bed I baked a batch of Tollhouse—I used up my last bag of morsels. For those non-Americans—Tollhouse are the best chocolate morsels for chocolate chip cookies.

Last Saturday we went to my cousins for her birthday and arranged for the kids and I to come over again on Thursday. On Thursday we stayed for dinner—which has been the first time since January I’ve been out alone at night with the kids. It was rainy, but not too dark, as we left at 6pm, but I have to say—I’m not a night time driver anymore! Well, it wasn’t bad on the highways or in town, but as these secondary roads are a nightmare for me in the daytime—it was pure fear driving at night on them. I’ve been less nervous driving on Route 80 during a blizzard with cars spinning out of control, than I was on these ‘A’ roads.

The past two weeks have had all the usuals: music, ballet, gymnastics, play dates, dressing up, train tracks, bike riding, frog finding (not a usual–but an excitement), changing the living room furniture around–for about the 50th time, chestnut gathering, Strictly Come Dancing, organic markets and gardening. They have also been filled with lots of colouring for Halloween. I can’t count how many pumpkins, spiders and witches are covering the fridge. I’ll have to put some around the house soon.

The accomplishments of the month have to go to Kieran’s colouring and Hazel’s cutting out. It is almost impossible to tell whose pictures are whose. He is colouring in the lines, picking different colours for the different parts of the pictures. His pencil control is amazing. Just over a month ago he was still just colouring the whole page very quickly and in one colour—it’s amazing how quickly they change. Hazel has been creating her own pumpkins–drawing them and colouring them in, then cutting them out. She sticks to the lines and has great control. Hazel has also been practicing writing. She constantly wants us to spell words for her to write down. She has been working on writing her numbers. Kieran is learning how to do dot-to-dots. They have a couple of weeks off from their activities before the next term starts. Hazel will be joining the ‘big’ girl gymnastics class in November. Yikes!

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