My Ballerina

Today, Saturday the 7th, was Hazel’s 1st Ballet show. What can I say she was the most beautiful Ballerina of all time. I had reservations on letting her be in the show–as it was for the whole school and I thought it would be a bit daunting for her. But she and all her class mates proved all the worried mom’s wrong. They just walked out there and did their routine as if they performed in front of 150 or more people all the time.

They wore the blue dress above for their ballet dance to Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, then wore the pink dress below for their tap dance, When I tap, tap, tap my Foot. The dress rehearsal went well this morning, but there was a major hic-up during the 1st routine. The music that started to play for them was Teddy Bear Picnic! I was one of the back-stage helpers tonight and I have to say all nine girls handled it wonderfully. They all realized it was the wrong music and just waited for the teacher to do something. Eventually all the girls were taken off the stage, to be brought back on again a few routines later. Then, one of her dance helpers then brought some of them back on stage, without waiting for the current routine to fully end, so the few girls she brought back on, had to go off again! But this did not deter or throw off any of the girls, and they really did a good job. Their tap shoe routine went smoothly and they all declared it was fun.

Michael likes the photo below, as all the girls were supposed to be waving their arms–but as you can see, only Hazel did it. Yes we are overbearingly proud parents!

I enjoyed the back-stage chaos, but don’t know if I’d do it again. It was hard watching from the wings, you don’t see the full effect. The plus side was, some of the moms finally talked to me–well because they had to, but still, it’s a start. I also got to talk to some of the girls, which was fun. I brought Halloween pictures for them to color in while we were backstage. It was fun to see how a larger range of girls all in the 41/2 to 5 1/2 year age group color. They were all fairly similarar with just a few exceptions.

While Hazel & I were at the rehearsal this morning, Michael took Kieran into town. The town is having a small Arts & Crafts Festival (which the dance show was part of) and they had old fashioned cars in town. I’m not too sure whaantiqueue cars have to do with ‘Arts & Crafts’-but they both enjoyed their wander around town. Which included the cars, cakes, a visit to the library, some model cars and the purchase of a new spinning top for each of the kids. Kieran also explained to the librarian, while Michael paid his fines, that you could no longer go down our street and had to take a detour down another road. (Of course he used the proper names!) Hazel and I walked into town, just over 1/2 a mile or so, to meet up with the guys.

After the show we had a bit of a celebration for Hazel. We had chips for dinner, followed by ice-cream cones after their bath. (Don’t worry–my standards haven’t totally slipped, they had a large, delicious and very healthy lunch!) Then we all watched the 1st episode of Strictly Come Dancing – Hazel’s favorite TV show. So a very late bed-time for our weary two.

As for the end of the week: Wednesday was spent with about 4 friends at Beale Park. We brought their bikes with us–something I think the management will rue saying yes to! Not because the kids were bad–but because all the other moms were thinking about bringing theirs’ next time. I did call ahead and ask before letting everyone know–but the receptionist didn’t like it at all and was very rude to the kids and I. So I was quite delighted when she phoned the office and they confirmed that I had called ahead of time to politely ask.

Thursday morning was Kieran’s ballet class, followed by a very expensive trip to the supermarket. Can you guess from the photo what we bought?

They are very excited as their friend’s Naomi & Abby are having a Halloween Party. I was calling to talk to Rachel about maybe having an afternoon party for the kids when she told me they had just finished all the invites for an evening party–so that suited me just fine. Nothing better than just having to bring a treat or two!

Friday was just the normal music class, home for lunch and then right back out to gymnastics. Hazel is getting very brave on the uneven bars. She even had a fall, but got right back on. It’s all far too worrying for me to watch, I don’t know how those moms watch their kids go flying over those bars. We then walked to town and bought a winter coat for Kieran, and some slippers for both of them. Kieran has worn them, so far. Let’s hope he keeps it up as he generally prefers to go barefoot and no other slipper has stayed on his feet for more than a few minutes.

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