September 2006

How to summarize the past month as briefly as I can? I have no clue how to be brief, as you all know, when I tell a story—but I’ll give it a try. Here we go:

New mid-size sleeper beds for the kids
Our friend Victoria’s birthday party
Two trips to Beale Park
Day out at Action Farm
My aunts 50th b-day party
Spur-of-the-moment afternoon at the beach
The kids got their 1st two-wheelers
And all the usual-ballet, gymnastics and music classes, play dates with their cousins, watching Victoria & lots of playing, especially picnics at their playhouse
Computer died yet again
We booked a holiday—we are going to NJ in the spring—yeah!!!

Hey look—I did it! But, I can’t leave it like that, now can I? Here are some more details:

The kids really like the new beds. It makes their rooms look larger and gives them more space. Still need to work on some decent storage, especially for Hazel.

The day at Action Farm was good. I’ve always put off going as I think it’s too expensive, but as their computer system was down and they let us in anyway, it was worth it. The nice part was we (there were 3 other families with us) basically had the place to ourselves. The kids really enjoyed the large slide and driving the motorized cars. Kieran was a really good driver, and Hazel, well what can I say—unlike her mom, she drives like a girl!!

Beale Park has been fun, and worth the yearly fee—we’ve already gotten our moneys worth. We’ll be there again tomorrow—with the new bikes if I can get them in the car.

On the 28th it was such a warm sunny morning, that I couldn’t stand the thought of being in town/home all day. So I called Michael to see if he could have the afternoon off, which he could. After Kieran’s ballet class we went to the shop for some picnic items, and then we all headed to Bournemouth for the day. It has been our only outing to the beach all summer. We walked along the beach to the pier, had a sandwich while watching the surfers, then walked to the café at the end of the pier for a drink and some brownies, and then walked back to the beach. Our 1st stop was to the ice cream shop—which was very nice. Then we walked along the waterside to the beach front closest to the car. The kids then had a play in the sand and a run around with Michael. It was a lovely sunny afternoon. When we left we drove to the next town over and parked above the beach in a parking lot along the cliff side. We had some chips in the car (as it had gotten very windy by then) while we watched the surfers again. Then we had a good trip home, to a nice warm bath and a late bedtime for the kids.

Ballet classes are going well. Hazel has her 1st show on Saturday, so she is very excited, though she is really not too sure what it all means. I’m a wreck though—she needs make-up on—how on earth do you apply blusher??? I was worried that I’d be required to make a costume—never thought about make-up! She is also doing well in gymnastics. The coach has offered her a place in the older class already—but I think we’ll wait till January. But that is subject to change after a taster session in just a couple weeks. I don’t think she’ll want to wait any longer than she has to. Kieran will stay in the younger class till next autumn. He won’t be doing football—it was on the following week, but he and Michael left early. Neither thought it was good. It was just really a free-for-all, with the older boys hogging the balls. We went back to their music class last Friday. Kieran even noticed it was mostly boys—which he enjoyed.

So- to the holiday. We’ll be in NJ for three weeks, and I’m thrilled. I just keep thinking of all the things I want to see and do with the kids. It’ll be the 1st time in years that I’ve gone on a trip to a place I know! I’ll know places to visit, places to eat, places to shop, people to see—I’ll have choices I can make without having to look the town up on the internet, or relying on Michael to be a tour guide. Most of all I can see my nieces and nephews (well, not H & G) in their own homes—and get to see what they’re up to, what they like. I can’t believe how well I knew them as little ones, and now as they are all nearing the teen age years I know so little about them. I can go see Allison in her college dorm—how weird will that be?

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