Anniversary, Upsets and Ballet

Six Years

Today is the anniversary of the day I left everything I had ever known: my family, my friends, my home, my job, my security, my country. I gave it all up to move to a foreign country to be with a man I hardly knew—on the hunch it would be a good thing. So, after a whirlwind courtship, a marriage, a honeymoon, a baby, another baby, two major surgeries and over a month in total in hospital to have the babies, an extension on the house, renovating every room in the house (still ongoing), changing the garden (still ongoing), learning to garden, getting an allotment, having lots of mini trips away exploring the UK, one big trip to the states—I’d say they have been six very busy years, and mostly really great days. We’ve had some hic-cups along the way—but I’d say my brave move has been a winner. Isn’t Michael a lucky guy?!!

Kieran’s 1st Major Upset/Hazel’s new Ballet class

On Saturday my little man had his first ever major disappointment in life. We’ve been talking all summer about how he was going to go to a football course in the autumn. He was so excited. He wants to be a goalie so he can wear his gloves. On Friday I called to verify the time for the course and to make sure it was on—yes it’s on, but at 10am for the 1st week. OK—that’s actually great as it’d be the only week we could all watch him as H will have ballet at 9am.

Saturday comes and he is so eager to go. Michael was to take him as Hazel had her 1st ballet class at 9am. After ballet H and I were going to race across town to watch most of the 1st lesson. I left out Kierans outfit, packed him a snack in his Paddington lunch box, gave Michael plenty of instructions—including take his photo and get there early. So after lots of kisses goodbye, H & I head off for ballet.

Mind you—she was over the moon with excitement as this is the 5-7 year old class. She did mention that she wouldn’t know anyone—possibly two girls from her old class would be there, but it will be nice to meet new people. I was surprised she mentioned this at all, as she’s never had any difficulties going somewhere new. Now—I’d been a wreck for a week before—just dreading walking into a room of strangers having to sit there for 45 minutes trying to not look too self-conscious. Goodness, I hate when my shyness takes over—every time I think I have it licked, it bites me in the bum again. But Hazel was fine, as usual, and said she introduced herself to the girl beside her—when the teacher wasn’t talking. My two haven’t learned that school technique yet—so I did remind her before class. Class was lots of fun, but as soon as it was done we ran as we wanted to get to football.

As we were driving to football, Michael passes us on the road beeping his horn. My 1st thought was he was going the wrong way. Then I realized he was a tad smarter than that and something must have happened, as I wanted him to be there early. Being late to events/classes is something I have always hated—it’s a combo of being shy and not wanting any focus on me and growing up with a mom who was late for everything. My next thought was that the receptionist told me the wrong time and I was going to tell her off as I knew Kieran would be so upset. We weren’t far from home so I went there and Michael pulled up a minute later.

I went round to Kieran’s side of the car—he was obviously in need of a cuddle. I opened his car door and his bottom lip was quavering. He just reached up and grabbed my neck and burst into tears. He was trying to be so brave, until he saw his mommy. I got him out of the car and into the house while he was clinging to me the whole time—it broke my heart! He cried for awhile on my lap so distraught because he couldn’t play football. The instructor called out sick that morning. I have told him we will check on Friday when we go to gymnastics if the football coach is better. He is just such a sensitive little boy—I hope I never see him so upset again.

Then today—he fell down the back steps and grazed his right cheek and eye. I expect the shiner will be there next weekend when he’s on the football field—he’ll look more like a rugby player!

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