Friends, Friends, Cousins

We had some friends stop by on Wednesday evening for a quick visit. We all enjoy having them over-especially as Michael & I can spend time holding the baby. Do the cravings for another ever go away??

On Thursday we had Nicky, Emily & Isaac over for the morning. It was a great visit—well any visit where the kids play non-stop and we moms can chat is a good one in my book. We haven’t seen them in over a month, so it was nice to catch up with each other. Now that summer is over we’ll probably get together more often.

Friday was spent at my cousin Lorraine’s’ house. She has two girls, Hannah 4, and Katelyn, 2 ½. The girls are really wild—so unlike my two-so it’s always neat to watch how they interact. It usually ends up in a mild mayhem, and usually with tears from Kieran, poor boy. What’s nice about going there is that the apartment has a little wooded section out in the back. It’s really the only time my two get to spend playing in a woodland area without me with them. I used to love going into the little wooded section near our house—always felt like we were entering another world.

While we were there my other cousin, Jennifer, stopped by with her adorable girl, Tamsin, who’s 1 ½. She is such a happy toddler, always smiling. Though we don’t see each other very often I always enjoy Jennifer’s company, so I was a bit upset to hear she and her family (she is married and has three step-children) are moving back to S. Africa this winter. They moved here when Hazel was 6 months—so I’ve really gotten used to them here.

Today was spent running some errands, laundry and car maintenance. Tonight will be spent packing for a couple of nights away. I’ll let you know where we’ve gone when we get back!

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