Beale Park

The kids and I had an enjoyable day out today. We visited Beale Park today with our friends Carole & Victoria. I’ve never been before—but everyone always says it’s great, and it was. (I’ve never gone as I was always a bit nervous about the drive—but I am conquering my nervousness on the narrow roads leading to these parks. And these parks are always on those types of roads.) Anyway, they have some small animals, a deer park, an Owlery, and a few play areas, all in a beautiful park. The kids and I got there early, so we had a nice wander around the animal pens. We ended up at the far end of the park and had lunch in a picnic area enclosed by the deer, emus and llama park. C & V joined us then and after eating we walked through the other half of the park. The Owlery was very interesting—so many kinds. We saw some birds of prey as well—they were enjoying their lunch of what looked like a dead rabbit. The kids handled that very well. Hazel liked seeing how they held it down while they pulled at it.

Hazel seemed to really like the Meerkats—especially when they stood guard. She was also very excited by the rabbits—they had a floppy ear one, ‘Flopsy’ (my favourite) and one rabbit named ‘Hazel’. Kieran liked the pigs, as always, the owls and the emus. Or rather—he enjoyed staying away from the emus—as he’s been bitten by an ostrich—he knows they’ll snap at you when you least expect it. I enjoyed seeing a black swan in one of the lakes. (Yes J.U.–a photo will be sent!)

They have three fairly large outdoor playground areas—one only has Little Tikes toys and play frames, which the three kids enjoyed. It was really nice for me & Carole as well, as H & K are now old enough to play in that type of play area without my help-and they can keep an eye on V. So a lovely day!

The other big news his week is that our road is being resurfaced. The kids have really enjoyed watching all the machinery—especially the one that rips up the old road and puts it into a dump truck.

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