Days of the Week

As I never quiz Hazel on anything, I’m never too sure exactly what she knows. Yesterday and today she gave me a glimpse of some of her knowledge. Yesterday was the alphabet. She has known how to say it forever—I knew she knew most of the letters by sight and could write most of them, but I wasn’t sure if she knew all. She solved that question yesterday by playing with some ABC puzzle pieces. She put them in the correct order, not using the board, and then put them backwards from ‘Z’ to ‘A’. So she definitely knows the entire alphabet.

Today she gave me the second insight to another fact she knows. She said the days of the week in order, starting with Friday, and then with Monday. She was trying to explain the things we’re doing the next week for Kieran—without the aid of a calendar. I started printing off a monthly calendar last September and coding it for the week’s activities so she would know what was happening each day. Obviously it taught her the order of the days of the week. Guess Kieran will be in charge of it starting in September.

I know these are basic things—but if you asked Hazel to show you all the letters of the alphabet, she probably wouldn’t do it. She will never ‘perform’ what skills she has. I know she has a wealth of information already—it’s just nice to have her confirm what she knows, in her own way, and in her own time.

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