July 13th Ballet Recital

Today was the kids’ last ballet class of the term, which is the one the family members can watch. Hazel, at the end of her 1st year of ballet classes, looked the part of a graceful ballerina—much to our overwhelming pride and joy. I could just burst with joy every time I see how beautiful and wonderful she is. Kieran, at the end of his 1st term of ballet classes, was a delight to watch. All that concentration and excitement was fun to watch.

Now mind you—this is a class for 3-4 year olds—so there was plenty of giggling by me. Even though Hazel told me all week I wasn’t to laugh this time—I couldn’t help it—neither could most of us in one sequence. The kids do a little routine to ‘Rock-a-Bye-Baby’ where they put their babies on the floor and then do a quiet and graceful walk on their toes around their baby. Well—Kieran, being Kieran, decided he wasn’t bringing a doll or stuffed animal today-no, he had to bring two small plastic cows. So when it came to tip-toe around his doll, he stopped, thought for a second, then separated the two cows and then proceeded to tip-toe around both of them in a figure 8—much to everyone’s delight! Wasn’t he clever? Some of the laughing was from just pure joy at watching the two of them doing so well. Next term Hazel moves up a class –so unless they both keep it up, this may have been the only term they’ll dance together.

As a celebration we took them out to our favorite café for breakfast before heading off to do some shopping at one of the malls—which is about 45 minutes away. They each got a new dinner plate and cup, some books and some side-walk chalk. The chalk will have to be used on the patio, as our side-walk would be far too hazardous. After the mall we went food shopping—yes we do go to the grocery store a lot—but they eat so much fruit it’s hard to keep it in stock and fresh to last ½ a week, never mind a week! Then it was time to go home and have some pizza and chocolate cake to end their recital day. One of the reasons we shop so much is that Kieran ate almost a full 9” pizza by himself.

Not much happened this week. Bath time has been enhanced this week with some bath crayons. I’m just letting them be creative everywhere these days. (Ok—so they are all washable creative toys—done in easily washable areas!) Tuesday we went to visit some friends, and on Wednesday the kids did some painting outside. We had a huge box, from a lawn mower we bought for our neglected allotment, which they spent a couple of hours painting. They took naps that they requested, this week — I think the weekend away really tired them out.

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