Party in Sheffield

We finally had rain! It down poured Wednesday morning—such a welcome sight these days. The ground has been parched and we really have needed it. It has also brought a bit of cooler weather—which is ok as it’s still been sunny.

Thursday was spent with ballet in the morning, followed by hours of shopping. We needed a few things for the house, sunglasses for me and birthday presents for their cousin. Kieran picked out his favorite book and a helicopter as the presents. We spent some time in the afternoon at the allotment gathering raspberries and doing some weeding. Found a great Raspberry Muffin recipe—so good we made two batches last week! Yummy!

Michael had Friday off so we could drive up to Sheffield. We’ve been meaning to visit his cousin Julie for ages, and we finally did it. She has two boys, and it was her eldest boy’s birthday—he was 3. The baby will be a year in September. The three older kids had a great time playing together on Friday. Matthew has a penchant for older girls, so he didn’t leave Hazel be for a minute—which was a bit wearisome for her after four or so hours. Mind you—she loved it again 1st thing the next day! On Saturday Michaels other cousin arrived with her little girl who is 3 weeks older than Kieran. After Danielle got over her initial shyness, they all had a great time. Which is really good—as in the past two years they’ve seen each other so briefly—2 years ago at a wedding and in February at Jacks christening. The party was at an indoor play arena with about 20 other children. The kids and Michael ran around for 2 hours non-stop.

The highlight of the weekend was the hotel, and of course the packing of their suitcases. They love hotel rooms—especially the bath. Don’t ask, I don’t get it myself. Ever see two kids, laughing in hysterics, play hide-n-seek in an open area hotel room? Baffling, yet very amusing!

Today was just spent doing a major grocery shop, and cleaning the larder and fridge while putting everything away. Michael made a nice beef casserole for dinner. No day is complete without some gardening. We finally got my sweat peas into the ground—can’t wait to see how they progress. If they could talk they probably would have shouted hurrah when I finally took them out of their tiny pots. I tell you—I can’t believe half the plants survive—I’m not overly caring of the poor things—I rely a lot on their basic drive for survival! And of course we watched the World Cup final—I have truly enjoyed the competition.

Well—time to go—Hazel has just come in complaining of a sore tongue. Yet another strange midnight dilemma, which usually translates to ‘I’ve woken up and want to sleep with you.’

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