Those Pigeons!

I can’t believe how fast time goes when you have kids. June is a great ‘1/2 Year Time’ here as both children have their ½ Birthdays in June. This really brings home just how fast time is going. I keep looking at Hazel and can’t believe she’s almost five. Most people look at her and can’t believe she isn’t five, but I know she’s still a little one.

She and Kieran have great times playing together. Everyday there is some sort of imaginary world going on. Yesterday we had an old car seat in the living room. (It’s for when we watch Victoria) They decided to play driving. Hazel, a.k.a. ‘The Mom’, places one of their stools in front of the car seat, gets some sunglasses and the top to their drum to use as a steering wheel. Kieran, a.k.a. ‘baby Isaac’, is put in the car seat with a stuffed animal to cuddle. Then they are off to do shopping. She always uses phrases I do, talks to the ‘baby’ as I would—and just really makes me laugh! They really do emulate everything we do.

The weekend was very hot, as most of the week to come shall be. I’m so not used to the heat anymore. Then again—was I ever? Now the UK needs to learn about ac, and then life will be somewhat normal again. Michael asked how the people back home handled it—thinking we’d probably stay inside all the time. But I told him if we were there now—the kids and I would be at the town pool or a nice lake or the beach everyday. Nothing cools you off better on a hot day than a dip in a pool. There are very few outdoor pools here, it’s a shame. Maybe as the weather gets warmer they may build more. Just think how much sunscreen they’d sell!

We watched the UK lose to Portugal on Saturday. For the snack during the game they made hummus and had that with carrots and peppers and a few breadsticks. Hazel is really starting to understand the game & the tournament now—asking if everyone is sad for England. She drew a picture of the game—it’s really good.

Our Raspberry’s have fruited this past week—we’ve eaten a couple of tubs full already. I was going to try and make jam—but I think we’ll just eat them. There are plenty, just not pounds and pounds worth. But if I change my mind—I’ll let you know.

Sunday was swimming day. We haven’t taken the kids since last November—aren’t we bad parents? Kieran can know walk throughout the low end—can’t believe he’s that tall already! I’ll take them back on Wednesday when it is toddler splash time. Kieran has asked almost every hour to go back—I think he enjoyed it! Today the kids and I went to a friend’s house for a couple of hours this morning, made a quick stop at a shop and then they spent the rest of the day colouring and playing cars.

Quote of the week: “Daddy, the pigeons think our swing set is a nappy, don’t they?” By Kieran—who is an expert at chasing the wood pigeons from the garden.

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