Artist R Us

I finally let the kids paint at home! Ok—it was outside on the patio with watercolours. They really enjoyed it and each produced three paintings. Which I’ll take pictures of whenever I find the camera again. Second time in as many weeks I can’t find it—very unusual for me. Anyway, I might just be kind/crazy enough and let them use regular craft paint this weekend as well! Kieran has already found some rocks he wants to paint. They aren’t messy kids and I know they would never make a mess on purpose—I just have a fear of an accidental spill on my lovely table or floor. Sad part is I’ve had the paints for age—poor kids!

I watched most of their ballet lessons today. Victoria now wants to sit in the hallway and watch through a window in a door—so that’s what we did the whole lesson. She wanted to stay in the classroom today with the kids. Kieran and Victoria were acting like siblings today—whatever he was playing with she tried to take! He didn’t like that! Oh well—a good lesson in compromising for both of them. We had a nice walk into the town center today before ballet. All three have a thing about picking up rocks to examine all the time. They’ve all got that from their dads!

Other than that we’ve had a fairly quite week—just me and the kids. Carole & Victoria came over on Monday for a few hours. We had planned on taking them to the park, but it rained. Which I won’t complain about-this time as the plants really need it. I complain about the grayness’ here all year—it can be grey for weeks without any rain—which we do need. Tuesday we just went to town to the shoemakers to have my sandals mended. We had a nice walk around a ‘cheap and junky’ toy shop while waiting for the shoe to be fixed. I love that I can still take them shopping without any request for things or tantrums. I’d say that was pretty good going! Makes shopping fun when they can play with the things in a toy shop and just put them back when I’m ready to go. After that we went to the grocery store where I ran into a mom whose little girl used to take a gym class with Hazel. We hadn’t seen each other in almost a year—so it was good to catch up. Hopefully we’ll get the kids together for a play date.

The kids have kept busy doing some work this week. Hazel finished a writing practice book, and they have both started new workbooks—which should last the summer. The books have a section in them on money—and I think it’s time they learn about that. Not that they really ever have any, for that matter not as if I ever have cash on me! But Tuesday afternoon was spent with them building a shop in the living room, and putting on a horse show! Don’t know how that combination came about—but I just go with the flow.

Kieran is getting excited about ‘discovering’ what the letters stand for and their use. He was overjoyed about finding a ‘K’ today and knowing it stood for his name. Hazel has been going over the My 1st Little House in the Big Woods books this week. I just bought the original book last week—but after looking through it I think it’ll wait a few more months. I’m not really ready to talk about the details of hunting, skinning animals and guns yet. Though, she is starting to comprehend that life was really different back then. She even clicked that Mary & Laura didn’t go to school, like her!

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