June 25th: The Week in Review

Sunday June 18th- Father’s Day was a quite affair. The cherry chocolate was a hit! We went to the allotment in the morning to gather our first batch of strawberries. I was delighted to see how well the raspberries are doing—we will have hundreds this year.

On the way home we stopped at the local car boot sale (flea market). It’s just down the road from us and we’ve never been. As it was a ‘special’ day we bought the kids their first ice-lolly from an ice cream van. I’m not sure if they really liked them, or if they were just too big for them to eat. I’m sure I’ll find out if they liked it the next time they see a van! I found a nice wooden bench for the kids for £5.00—so it was good we stopped off. We then just spent the rest of the day at home and had some great barbecued chicken—it was marinated in lemon thyme (from my garden) and lemon—it was delicious.

Monday June 19th—I took the kids to an indoor play-arena for the 1st time. We met up with two other families and all the kids had fun. It’s basically just a huge indoor climbing frame with slides. H & K were a bit reluctant to go on the slides—but have said they will try them next time. We did some grocery shopping after that. The kids were fun again in the shop—Kieran asking me to get the trout, or as he calls it- the black fish, and Hazel angling for the salmon. Kieran won! We had salmon last week. But she was promised some next week. I think it is mine and Hazels favourite, so we do buy it quite often.

Tuesday June 20th—the most anticipated day this month—a play date with Naomi (my god-daughter). Naomi is three weeks older than Kieran. They were so excited to go- especially as they hadn’t seen each other for 2 weeks. The visit was preceded by a stop at the bakery counter of a local supermarket to buy treats. Treats aren’t a huge deal for Naomi—but my two have them so infrequently that picking something out at the bakery is still a cherished moment for them. They all played outside together nicely for about 4 hours, giving Rachel and I some time to catch up.

We had a rough night on Tuesday. Hazel was up at about 1 am and came to stay with me—but she couldn’t get back to sleep. This was followed by Kieran waking up at 3:30am as he wet the bed for the 1st time. Neither child could get back to sleep, so after awhile I used a back-up plan—keep them awake or they’ll sleep the afternoon away and wouldn’t go to bed on Wednesday till about 10pm—which would do me in! We went downstairs just after 4am for breakfast and then watched a Tractor Ted Summertime DVD. I brought them both back to bed with me just after 5:30, where we all slept for 3 hours.

Wednesday June 21st—well, you know how today started! Knowing I was exhausted the plan of action for the day was to stay on my feet and not stop. For if I did, I’d just keel over! The back door was thrown open at 9am and we spent the whole day working non-stop. I planted seeds for a lavender hedge I want to grow for next year. We also got more vegetable seeds planted to try and replace what the slugs devoured. We had fun when I decided to plant some trailing Nasturtiums next to the driveway. I unearthed an ant colony. The kids loved seeing them scurry around trying to save their eggs. Then Hazel and I cleaned the back patio till it glistened. I planted a side border with flowers and the kids played. They were playing farmers and ‘mixing the feed’ for the cows—their own Tractor Ted version!

I usually don’t plan any outings on Wednesdays—it’s our recoup/cleaning day. As we are usually home on a Wednesday and not in a hurry, a few weeks ago we started the ‘Make-Your-Own-Sandwich day’. They can have any combination they want. Today they both decided to have a new one- Banana and Cream Cheese. When they were done Hazel thought that next time she’d put some honey on it. My work-all-day plan worked and we all made it till the kids’ normal bed time, about 6:30pm.

Thursday June 22nd—didn’t have the greatest night again—almost an exact replica of the night before, except both kids got into bed with me and I had them asleep in minutes—so a bearable night. We did our usual Thursday activities, Ballet & Victoria. After ballet we all went for a quick walk to a pond not too far from the house. All three kids had a stroller, so we made a fairly impressionable march down the road.

Friday June 23rd—another fairly quite day. We did some more gardening, laundry and outdoor playing. The big event of the morning was I was stung by a bee. It was in the tea-towel when I picked it up to put away the breakfast dishes. As I’m allergic it could have been a problem—but I actually didn’t have any reaction! Maybe the venom here is of a different strain? Anyway—let’s hope I don’t have any more samples! In the evening we went to the allotment and picked strawberries for Saturdays breakfast-yummy!

Saturday June 24th—when a day starts with pancakes, fresh cream and strawberries, how could it not be a good day? Well, it was just another nice, but quite day. Hazel and I baked our 1st Banana Loaf—very tasty. I usually don’t like banana flavour cakes—but this was nice. We are having it on Sunday for breakfast with cream and strawberries. Michael trimmed the hedges in the back garden and finally cemented in the swing set. Hazel and I cleaned all the empty flower pots we used for the seedlings—over 100! This outdoor cleaning and watering is getting a bit tiresome—we are in a draught this year and have had a hosepipe ban for about two months now. I had to use a big plastic storage box to wash the pots in. The box has been a great way though to let the kids play with some water outside- without resorting to using the hose pipe.

Sunday June 25th—World Cup mania! England played Ecuador in the semi-finals and won! I have to admit—I’ve watched tons of the games—I really enjoy tournaments.

Today actually started with a trip to town, as we thought the Farmers Market was on—but it wasn’t. So we resorted to going to a grocery store. They had all the England World Cup clothes for ½ price which we couldn’t resist! Kieran is set with a tee-shirt or two for the next few years, they also got a hat each and some England socks & a pretty England tee-shirt for Hazel. We also bought them some new sandals for around the garden—I’m tired of black feet.

They then had their first go on the glider for the swing set. The cement set overnight and they had fun–going as fast and as high as they could in minutes.

Earlier on the way home from the shop, Kieran realized that the letter ‘B’ stood for the hardware store B & Q! Isn’t he clever! 🙂 Anyway that leads me to–

Major accomplishment this week—Kieran can write an ‘H’ and a ‘1’. He’s mighty proud. Another thing they are catching on to is the local bird names and their calls. OK—I know the cuckoo bird call is fairly obvious—but they can distinguish the difference between the wood pigeon and the cuckoo—which isn’t all that obvious. Hazel really wants to find a Kingfisher . I’ll have to ask our neighbour Edwin if he knows of any around. Edwin is an aficionado on UK wildlife—and loves to share what he knows.
Hazel’s major accomplishment of the past week was that the day after watching me count some things by 2’s, and with very little explanation—she started to count by 2’s—but, using odd numbers. I was so shocked—she can pick up so many things very quickly.

Well folks–that was the week that was!

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